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Give them an inch...

Oh, well... since followers of the Islamic faith are always so generous towards those of other faith's who are unfortunate enough to reside in Islamic countries...
Muslims ask pope to OK worship in ex-mosque
Spain’s Islamic Board asks for permission to prostrate in Cordoba Cathedral

MADRID - Spanish Muslims said on Tuesday they had appealed to the pope to be allowed to prostrate themselves in worship in Cordoba Cathedral, which was built as a mosque during Spain’s centuries of Islamic rule.
In a letter to Pope Benedict XVI, Spain’s Islamic Board said senior Spanish Catholic clergy had rejected requests for Muslims to be allowed to prostrate themselves inside the Cathedral, which was converted into a church in the 13th century.
“What we wanted was not to take over that holy place, but to create in it, together with you and other faiths, an ecumenical space unique in the world which would have been of great significance in bringing peace to humanity,” the letter said.
So, we have the insideous Islam Week (which started four weeks ago, according to this article) and the Koran being read in a Cathedral... and Muslim's asking to be invited into a Cathedral in Spain... so let's see them beg to open the doors to a Mosque for the rest of us... but I won't hold my breath.
Qur’an recited in Liverpool Cathedral
By Safa Suling Tan
The Dean of the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, Rt Reverend Dr Rupert Hoare quoted parts of the Qur’an to an audience of more than two hundred people from various faith and non-faith groups of Liverpool’s community and organisations in the Anglican Cathedral on November 22. The Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Joan Lang, and the High Sheriff, were among the prominent guests of the community who attended the event.
The event was organised by the Islamic Society of Britain, Liverpool and was supported by the Abdullah Quilliam Society and the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, as part of a celebration for Islam Awareness Week. Islam Awareness Week which kicked off on November 19, is an effort to promote integration and tolerance in British Society. The programme commenced with a beautiful Qur’an recital by the Imam of Liverpool mosque. The message was integration, an element of the One World theme of Islam Awareness Week.
One World Theme? The kind the Antichrist is supposed to usher in?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What reconciliation are muslims expecting? It was they who invaded Spain. Where is their apology? When will they be asked to renounce their "Colonialism?"

The site upon which the Cordoba Cathedral stands has history beyond the moors portrayal of victimhood. The Visigoths had their own cathedral on the site before THEY were defeated by the Moors.

Should the leftist govt. of Cordova manage to persuade opening the mosque portion to muhammedan worship, expect to have the cathedral subjected to claims of perceived injury inhibiting proper muhammedan services while exposed to figures of the virgin and crucifix etc. (all haram).

As a matter of fact, in the Cathedral you can find many artistic treasures. The most beautiful of which, is the processional monstrance used during the Corpus Christi. You can also find relics of San Bartolome and Santa Ursula. Not to mention the extravagant pipe organ (music is also haram)

Hugh Fitzgerald of JW stated the following in 2004 about this nonsense:

"Oriana Fallaci's La Forza della Ragione details just how fully many in the Vatican, and individual bishops and priests, have collaborated in making Italy, and other parts of Europe, welcoming for Muslims, even handing over churches for use by Muslims as living quarters. Her long indictment is overwhelming. It goes far beyond the desire to placate Muslims because otherwise they may harm Christians in the Middle East, and has become a vehicle for those priests who detest their own civilization, and exhibit a diseased sympathy for those who would not, for one minute, were Muslims to rule, to tolerate them or their own believers. Surely at Cordoba, with the bluish whitewash of the walls, and narrow streets, and the reddish gitanillas hanging over the balconies in the Juderia, a stand must be taken, and this request, with its sinister cheek, be rejected. Somewhere there has to be a Charles Martel moment -- if not in Cordoba, then by closing the mosques in Rome and Paris and Brussels and London and...Europe must be made not friendly, but hostile, to demographic conquest, and removing the mosques will be indispensable.

The idea that the Christians are being asked for a gesture of reconciliation, just after the Madrid bombing, and then the desecration of the corpse -- taken out of the grave -- of the Spanish anti-terrorist policeman, fills one with fury. "

The grand myth of the "creative, tolerant Andalus" must be exposed immediately.

=\o/= AnonYmouse

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jill - Open a window with the MoJo "Open Season" playing while you read . . .

The Spanish anti-terrorist policeman was 41-year-old Francisco Javier Torronteras, the father of two daughters. Special agent Francisco Javier Torronteras was killed when seven suspected terrorists blew themselves up in an apartment outside Madrid on April 3, 2004 as police moved in to arrest them.

At least three had been accused of carrying out the Madrid rail bombings on March 11 which killed 191 people and injured 1900.

Unknown intruders (what cult cuts off hands as retribution over 1400 yrs?) broke into the cemetery where the policeman Torronteras was interred. With a pick-axe, they pried open the crypt where his body lay, smashing the plaque on which memorial verses had been written by his family. They removed the coffin, wheeled it 500 meters away on a hand truck, opened it, chopped off the left hand, doused the corpse with gasoline, and lit it on fire.

=\o/= livid AnonYmouse

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's more . . .

According to this report in the Scotsman -;_ylu=X3oDMTFhOG8xOTh2BGNvbG8DZQRsA1dTMQRwb3MDMjMEc2VjA3NyBHZ0aWQDTUFQMDE4XzEyNQ--/SIG=12h9jqekm/EXP=1167337337/**http%3a//

"At dawn, the tomb was desecrated."

Tell me, when does the muhammedan morning call to prayer begin - before dawn? According to About: Islam - "Fajr" (pre-dawn): This prayer starts off the day with the remembrance of God; it is performed before sunrise.[aka blood lust pep rally]

Then -;_ylu=X3oDMTFhZXVqa2FwBGNvbG8DZQRsA1dTMQRwb3MDMjYEc2VjA3NyBHZ0aWQDTUFQMDE4XzEyNQ--/SIG=12db8v2il/EXP=1167337337/**http%3a//,,1-1080924,00.html

The attackers had carefully planned the desecration, since the burial niche was marked only by the number "80" rather than the deceased officer's name.

Spain's National Police said that the coffin containing the body of Senor Torronteras was taken from its grave, doused with fuel and set alight, but refused to give further details.

It was reported that the unknown attackers mutilated the corpse by driving a pick axe through the skull and a shovel through his torso, although Spanish police would not confirm this.


=\o/= AnonYmouse

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An update posted at dhimmiwatch provides the following insight:

Bishop of Cordova denied the request on 27th of December stating -

*The Diocese of Cordova wants to continue maintaining relations of respect and esteem by the Muslims who live between us arranged to work sincerely by the mutual understanding. . . and freedom to all men
*suggested interreligious dialogue would not benefit shared use of temples and places that would only generate confusion in the faithful, giving foot to religious indifference.Such shared use can circumstantially have sense in an airport or an Olympic villa, since it is not properly about temples but places of oration, but not in the case of a cathedral.

*The Bishop of Cordova and its Town hall have legal titles to maintain the exclusive use of the Cathedral by the Catholic Church. They have in addition incontestable historical titles.

*The present Cathedral of Cordova was donated by King Fernando III Santo to the Church after the conquest of the city in 1236, being consecrated next by the Bishop of Osma D. Juan Domínguez. It is to notice that all the building is a Cathedral - all of it is consecrated as such.

5. The Bishop holds no animus towards the muslim community and notes the census confirms there is adequate and appropriate worship sites available to the muhammedan community as it stands. He also maintains that freedom of conscience is universal and must be reciprocated in countries of Muslim majority.

*As in all cathedrals, the Cathedral of Cordova is a sanctuary provided for the Sacrament of the Eucaristía fundamentally at odds with the oration of another religious tradition in its enclosure.The Cordovan catholics want to live peacefully with the believers of other creeds, and do not wish to be continuously put under pressures that do not contribute to the concord.


Also note the following article which is titled:

"Vatican says no to churches used as mosques"

That was under the papacy of John Paul.

[. ,]

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