Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Allah Must Be SO Proud!

IDB makes arrangement for sacrificing 710,000 animals
Submitted by kashif on Wed, 2006-12-27

Jeddah, Dec 26 (NNN-APP) The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has made arrangements for sacrificing of about 710,000 animals including 700,000 sheep and 10,000 cows and camels, so as the pilgrims could perform the main rite of sacrificing animals during Haj with ease.
“A website has been designed to enable individuals intending to buy sheep or any other animal for scarifying or Odhiya to do so through a credit card or money transfer in collaboration with the National Commercial Bank,” said the President Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali.
He said this before a reception hosted at IDB’s headquarters in the honour of media persons who are currently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to cover events of the 1427H Haj.
The IDB president told media persons about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Project for the utilization of meat of scrificial animals, which the Bank has been operating since 1403H in collaboration with stakeholders of the project in the Kingdom.
The IDB president pointed out that the project has enabled pilgrims to perform this rite with great ease and thus focus on other Haj rites.
“It reassures the faithful that the animals meet all Shariah and health requirements,” he further indicated.
He said the project would help make the meat available to its rightful beneficiaries among the poor at the Holy Mosque and Holy Sites and then ship the surplus to 28 countries for distribution among deserving people.
More than 84,000 butchers have also been hired for sacrificing the animals manually.
He also spoke about the Bank’s activities and accomplishments since its establishment in 1395H (1975) to boost, in keeping with Shariah, the socio-economic development efforts of its member countries and Muslim communities in the non-member countries severally and jointly.


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