Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Candidate for Citizenship!

Our newest candidate for citizenship is Mr. Gallegos. He is a strappin', healthy young man of promise, described as Hispanic (not that there's anything wrong with that). Mr. Gallegos is a 5 feet 9 inch tall, 250 pound specimine of Post-American-America manhood. Virile, with short hair or a shaved head and creatively tattooed on both forearms.
Police ask anyone with information on his whereabouts to call (562) 435-6711 so that he can be whisked through the citizenship process - post haste - because out there, somewhere, is a job no American will do and tax dollars just layin' around going to waste.
What makes the distinguished Mr. G so desirable is that he's proved repeatedly his disain for America and her laws - just look at his glowing arrest record. And he's proven the he DESERVES to be here since he's been deported repeatedly and just keeps coming back - you know, like a rash.
He see's America just as the financial and intellectual elites (as well as the lefties) do: nothing here to respect, nothing here to treasure and nothing here to be greatful for. He see's America and her citizens simply as ripe for the picking. Does he have a future? Of course! He's the new face of America. Maybe one of our multicultural political leaders would like to sponsor him?
Cops' shooter in hiding
Crime: Officers continue their fight for survival as ex-con eludes capture.
By Tomio Geron, Staff writer
LONG BEACH - Police continued their manhunt Sunday for Oscar Gabriel Gallegos, 33, who they believe shot and critically wounded two officers Friday afternoon on a downtown street during a traffic stop.
Meanwhile, officers Abe Yap, 37, a nine-year veteran, and Roy Wade Jr., 39, who started on the force three weeks ago, were still in critical but stable condition at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.
The two were shot through the front windshield of their patrol car Friday afternoon at Long Beach Boulevard at Sixth Street. They had stopped a white Nissan Pathfinder for running a red light. The vehicle was later found parked at 250 Elm Ave., a few blocks away.
As the search for Gallegos continued, more details on him emerged Sunday.
According to Los Angeles County Superior Court records, Gallegos was arrested in 1990 and later convicted in Long Beach for a firearms violation.
Gallegos was arrested and convicted in 1994 at the Long Beach Courthouse on charges of selling or transporting narcotics.
Gallegos was deported in 1994 as well, Long Beach Police Chief Anthony Batts said Saturday night.

In 1997, Gallegos was arrested but not convicted at the Long Beach Courthouse
on charges of making a criminal threat, assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of battery against a former spouse or fiancee, court records show.
Batts referred to the 1990, 1994 and 1997 charges in a press conference Saturday night, when he described Gallegos as a "known local thug."
Batts also said that Gallegos "may have been deported several times."
One resident said she rode in the elevator with Gallegos on a number of occasions.
Gallegos' brother and mother also lived in the building, they said.)

Tom Keim, a co-owner of Vin de Pays Wines on the first floor of the building, remembered Gallegos and his brother coming to the store one Tuesday night around 8:30 or 9 p.m., after the store was closed.
When the brothers wouldn't stop banging on the door, Keim let them in, he said. After tasting a number of wines, they bought one $4 bottle of beer, he said. He thought they were drunk at the time, he added.


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