Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Censorship: (aka Reaction to Islamic "Tolerance") in Action.

Fear of the Cult O' Fairy-Tale-Haters takes it's toll.
Face it: the definition of Islamic "Tolerance" is that they haven't killed us all... yet. But for tnow they'll settle for bullying us into self-censorship among other self-imposed subjugations.
I recall reading more of just this type of censorship going on earlier this year. Just doesn't seem to make the news. Curious.
Norway: "Pig" replaced with "fox" in kindergarten fairy tales
December 07, 2006
From Fjordman:, Norway's largest independent weblog, reports that in Norwegian kindergartens, pigs in traditional fairy tales are now quietly being replaced with other animals. A person who visits kindergartens to read fairy tales experienced that in stories by Asbjørnsen and Moe, the Norwegian equivalent of the Brothers Grimm, the word pig had been replaced with fox.
When she discovered the same thing happening in another kindergarten, she wondered whether this was a new policy.
In Sweden previously, the wording of several older books for children such as Pippi Longstocking has been changed to make them more "culturally sensitive."


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