Monday, November 27, 2006

Crouching Terrorists, Hidden Danger... The Terrorists Among Us Part 2

Is there a terrorist compound in your area?
Pass this on to everyone on your lists.
Let's let people know if there's a known compound in their state/area!
Virginia Muslim compound - update:
Private road named for Muslim (terrorist) is focus of Christian group's bid
... The community -- or compound, as a federal prosecutor called it -- was established in the mid-1990s on 44 acres in this rural county of about 12,400 people. Most of the homes there are trailers, and about 20 families were estimated to live there several years ago.
In the wake of the Sept.11 attacks, three residents of the community were indicted on federal gun charges. Federal prosecutors alleged that they had ties to a black Muslim terrorist group called al-Fuqra that had been involved with violent attacks, though not with the Sept. 11 attacks. Two of the three residents were convicted of the gun charges.
Members of an organization calling itself the Christian Action Network said they want to appear before the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors to request that the name of Sheikh Gilani Lane, the private road running through the Muslim community, be changed.
The week before, the Christian Action Network, which says it is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the traditions of the American family and defending the nation against radical Islam, said it dropped from an airplane about 2,500 fliers on the Red House area around the Muslim community. The fliers allege that Sheikh Gilani Lane honors a terrorist and blames him for the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl.
I say we can't afford to give an inch. The Muslims won't see it as a gift of freedom and tolerance for them, but they'll see it as submission by us. Would anyone think of naming a street Adolph Hilter Drive? Or Klu Klux Klan Avenue?
Hell no! The line has got to be drawn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aliville is a real little community; just drove by it today; can't see into the compound, but there are security gates into the entrance with a Privacy signs posted on the property; concern, but was not aware that The Southern Company knew of it's presents: Plant Hatch is our Local nuclear plant; was told the Law enforcement can or won't go into the compound. it is better to know where they are, than not to know; but this is a big threat to our security; they think we are scared or stupid; don't know which; but we differently need to move these people out of here and not wait until something happens.
There are to many why's to allow them to continue living in incognito.Are they legal: etc and there is only one main reason for them to be so secluded; they are up to something.

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