Sunday, October 07, 2012

U.S. Soldiers Urged Not to Shoot Taliban at Night so Locals Can Sleep

by AWR Hawkins 5 Oct 2012

Reports indicate U.S. soldiers and British Royal Marines have been urged to show "courageous constraint" by not shooting Taliban members spotted planting IEDs.
The reason? Shooting them might disturb the locals.
This news comes out on the heels of an investigation into the death of Royal Marine Sergeant Peter Rayner, whom witnesses say watched the Taliban plant IEDs at night but was ordered not to engage them. Families of other soldiers and Royal Marines are telling stories of how their loved ones were not allowed to use mortars or night illumination when they came across Taliban members in an area full of IEDs.
The reason given was that "the sound of shooting 'might wake up and upset the locals.'"
This is not "courageous restraint" -- this is appeasement.


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