Thursday, October 04, 2012

WHI on the Great Debate!

Veni Vidi Vici… (WHI)

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Notes from the road…

How was that? The governor delivered big time. Amazing prep work by the campaign. Almost like they had a few pages right out of Obama’s own prep book hand delivered to them about 48 hours earlier.
Obama looked very uncomfortable, tired, and agitated.
Watch donations to Romney rise in the coming days.
And we got another big deal about to be delivered. Not just the one I already told you about.
Pushing in the walls from all sides now.
This wasn’t a good night. THIS WAS A GREAT NIGHT.
Items of InterestThe governor tonight was better than BC at his best.. No joke. He was damn good. Shocked the hell out of a whole lot of people tonight. Guess Christie was right on. Wow.
Now Jarrett shows her teeth. Governor’s team has been warned. They are prepared.
God I love this sh-t when it goes good like this.
Will be in touch.


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