Thursday, January 07, 2010

VA: 2 Illegal Mexicans Charged with Murder in Virginia Beach (Sanctuary City)

Mexico's Narco War Hits Home in California

ID: Illegal Alien Charged with Shaking Girlfriend's 6-Month-Old Daughter to Death

FL: Illegal Mexican Charged with 9 Counts of Sexual Battery on 13-Year-Old Girl and 21 Counts of Lascivious Molestation; Gave her Tequila Before She Went to Bed, Then Assaulted Her

TX: Pilgrim's Pride Corp. Pays $4.5 Million to End Illegal immigration Worker Probe

CA: Illegal Alien Charged with Murder for Dumping Full-Term Newborn Infant Girl into Dumpster ALIVE, Baby's Body in Plastic Bag

Obama Ends 22-Year Ban on Immigrants with HIV/AIDS

Utah 'Driving Privilege' Card Presents Dilemma for Illegal Aliens and Employers

TX: 2nd of Four Illegal Aliens Charged with Murder of Weslaco Boy Arrested When He Crossed Border Back into U.S. Illegally

New Obamunist Program Allows Illegal Alien Muslims to Become U.S. Citizen on 10 Weeks!

Military Offers Citizenship to Illegal Alien Muslims

AZ: Human Smuggler Gets 9+ Years in Prison for 2008 Drowning Case

CA: 'Citizenship Fair' Reaches Out to Muslims

University of California-San Diego Faculty Developing Cell Phone with GPS to Aid & Abet Illegal Aliens While Illegally Crossing U.S. Border

AZ: Illegal Alien Takes Rocks to Gunfight with Border Patrol Agent; Agent 1, Illegal-0

Opponents on Immigration Reform Gear Up for Forthcoming Battle

Will Obama Give Illegals Health Care with Amnesty?? White House Reportedly Lures Hispanic Caucus with Immigration Trade-Off


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