Thursday, January 07, 2010

Look Past the New Laws – See the Agenda

The fact is blatant – Obama wants the USA to be fully socialist; he wants to ruin the economy, because it is how Marxism operates; he has already silenced the media. Therefore, it is logical for him to begin proceedings, no matter how innocuous they might seem, to bring in laws and policies that will enable him to deliver the final blow to democracy.
... Even at the very beginning of Obama’s administration there is the matter of his eligibility to be president. But, if he can get away with his procurement of the Oval Office without once giving proof of his eligibility, he can literally get away with anything he wishes.
... Mein Kampf was an incredibly open and honest expression of Hitler’s ultimate goals. Had anyone read and believed his agenda, no one could have been surprised with the result. Just reading statements of Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and other “esteemed” members of the disloyal left should leave no surprises! Even less surprising should be a review of their performance…”

Obama is out to cripple the USA. He will do it by any means he can.
Interpol – From the Inside
By Barry Napier
Wednesday, January 6, 2010
... Now, my concern is NOT for what the situation is today. My concern is for the ramifications of what superficially appears to be a minor issue. I am not a conspiracy theorist. Having watched the growth of socialism over the past decade, I can see where things are going. I have watched seemingly ‘minor’ actions growing into major obstacles to peace and social cohesion. And this is why I reported on the Interpol issue… before it is buried under time.
It is also fact that those in power (in whatever role) tend to be very devious in their movements. They will not introduce huge changes with sudden big announcements. Instead, they will alter things a bit at a time (which is very fast on Obama’s clock), so that the big change occurs slowly, each step being accepted and assimilated by the public, so the final push seems natural...


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