Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Obama is the Antichrist

People are not only afraid—they are disgusted. Disgusted as the “president”...

Goes on extended apologize-for-America tours to Europe and the Middle East.
Genuflects like an obsequies toady to an Arab potentate.
Condones the Iranian dictator building nuclear weapons but slams Israel for building housing.
Stays mute for 10 days as the same Iranian madman incarcerates and slaughters protestors, at the same time as he (Obama) eliminates funding for pro-democracy programs inside Iran.
Sides with the Marxists Castro, Chavez, and Ortega in lamenting the coup that deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.
Attacks those who fight terrorism while letting terrorists go free.
Gives multimillions to Hamas terrorists while Americans are out-of-work and starving.
Puts us on the path to a European-dominated (and failed) financial-regulatory system.
Threatens our safety and security, as Jim Talent and Mackenzie Eaglen have
documented, by cutting $1.4 billion from missile defense (in both America and Europe), ending F-22 production despite the objections of senior Air Force leadership, ending C-17 cargo aircraft production, and delaying Army modernization and the Navy’s CG(X) Cruiser Program.
Makes end-runs around the Constitution with an avalanche of Executive Orders and the appointment—ala Stalin—of over 20 Czars.
Manipulates the spineless, now state-run leftwing media (ala Putin and Chavez), to spread his
hate-America message.
Proves daily that appeasement to America’s enemies runs thick in his Leftist blood.
Demonizes any and all dissenting voices in his push to obliterate our First Amendment right to Free Speech.
Pushes with equal fanaticism to deprive Americans of their Second Amendment right to bear arms.
Pretends—against empirical evidence—that his utterly failed $787 billion-dollar “job-creating” Stimulus Bill, $800-billionTarp bill, $417-billion appropriations bill (with thousands of earmarks), Bailout travesty and budget have all worked!
Continues to flout the U.S. Constitution, as David Crockett has
spelled out, by violating the law in seizing control of GM and Chrysler without proper authorization from Congress as well as seizing corporations and presuming to set the salaries of their leaders; using the community organizers from ACORN for rank political purposes; pandering to sworn enemies (treason, anyone?); compromising alliances with our tried-and-true allies Israel, Britain, France and Germany while implementing policies that favor Hamas, Iran, Egypt, Syria, and other terrorist hotbeds; and illegally firing Inspectors-General investigating the corruption of his cronies.
Most egregious, fails to produce the crucial document which would prove his dubious eligibility to be a valid, lawful, and legitimate President of the United States—his birth certificate—all the while paying over a million-dollars to his attorneys to block the ongoing investigations of this vital issue.
As readers of my articles have read before, this is the short list!


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