Tuesday, June 30, 2009

But Why Would HUSSEIN Obama Do That? Part 67

Because fuck you. That's why.


The pettiness and low-class behavior of the current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, apparently knows no bounds and no nadirs too low to which to aspire.
That's displayed by the Obama administration's paint-over of the name of former President George W. Bush on an airplane he flew as a pilot in the United States Air Force.
Sickening. Say what you want about Bush's service in the Air Force. That was his plane, and to paint over it and cover up his name is just disgusting.
At least President Bush served, unlike a certain guy whose only Selective Service registration on file is a fraudulent, fabricated one from 2008.
And please don't tell me that there's no evidence Obama knew about this or ordered it. He's the Commander-in-Chief. The fish rots from the head down. He was the one responsible for the plane flyover debacle in Manhattan.
And he's responsible for this deliberate act of the uber-petty.


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