Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thoughts on Obama...

June 03, 2009 01:00
Wow, can you believe what is happening lately? I'm still in shock over the passage of the 3.6 Trillion$ funding, for all the Marxist projects, in one hop. Lately, though, it's been more about the Birth Certificate than anything. At the same time, we get this whole slew of events indicating Obama is about to come out and admit he is Muslim. I'm sure it was planned this way for some time.
But ... the timing couldn't be more wrong for Obama, because indicating you're Muslim, in conjunction with the current Birth Certificate debacle ,is more or less toxic. More people will doubt his allegiance to the states (as if there was any in the first place), and his ability to blatantly lie to the public on mostly MAJOR issues. On top of all this, we find out the Government (starting from the White House) *accidentally* releases all the US secret Nuclear sites and storage facility information to the public.
I suppose it follows the same pattern, as with the *accidental* leak of the blueprints for Marine One to Iran, who now just came out with a new attack Helicopter with some of the same features.
The White House has since scrubbed the "Showing of the Birth Certificate" ideas for transparency on the White House dialog site for open discussion and transparency. Most believe the Obama Administration is getting quite concerned, and therefore must have some sort of contingency plan.
Most of the time, contingency plans in this situation is a diversionary tactic. As with Bill Clinton bombing Iraq the next day (Operation Desert Fox) after the public discovered his Monica Lewinsky endeavors. This diversionary tactic was to take the public mind off the scandal. Very crude and cold-hearted to say the least.
Do you think we'll see a similar sort of diversionary tactic? Maybe one that would entail Martial Law?
It should be more than evident that Obama is a self-serving Narcissist and can not handle any set-backs. It is why he plans scrupulously to make sure what he wants, he gets, because if things do not go his way, you'll will see his true spoiled colors and radical beliefs come to the surface. He has had no set-backs yet, but rest assured, they will come, and often do simultaneously.
No matter how smart or prepared you think you are, there is always something that can happen that will not be in your favor.
Obama, unfortunately has never been humbled, because if he were, he'd be more honest and trustworthy. It's a shame that lieing and cheating gets everyone success in today's civilized world. The more you lie and cheat, more often than not, the more successful you will be. It is why people are always duped, and are suckered time and time again. For if people had more of a "bullshit" radar, these liars and cheaters wouldn't attain the heights of success they do.
While many Republicans and Democrats alike worship God (or a God), no one should put a man on a glass Pedestal to such perceived heights. It is neither good for you, or the person you put on a Pedestal in this context. The need to worship is becoming of most Humans, as we tend to be submissive and need leadership, but choosing your leaders wisely is very important. Is the person you worship using you, or are you using them? A symbiotic relationship? Many far-left Liberals tend to be on one extreme or the other of this need to either control or worship a "controller" spectrum.
I also can't help but think that Obama will use these "Muslimified" events to stage the coming public presentation of a long-form birth certficate showing his religion as "Muslim". He can then say, "see, now that you know i'm Muslim, so not such a big deal, right?". Fact is, if Obama's Father is indeed Barack Senior, then he is a British Subject at birth and disqualifies him just the same.


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