Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Al Qaeda beheads British tourist kidnapped at African music festival

It was believed that the hostage-takers were Tuareg rebels, who have regularly clashed with Mali's army, who then sold them to Al Qaeda.

He was seized along with a German woman and two Swiss citizens after armed Tuareg rebels shot out the tyres of two cars they were returning in from the Anderamboukane Festival over the border in Mali.
Ironically the biennial festival celebrates Tuareg culture, music, crafts and sport.
Three other tourists escaped unharmed in a third car through a hail of bullets.
The party's cook, who also escaped, later told how the kidnappers had staged a 'show execution' by firing a gun an inch away from his head.
The tribesmen then sold their captives on to the terror cell led by Abdelhamid Abou Zeid, a leading figure in AQIM. Also held were two Canadian diplomats seized by a different group.


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