Thursday, June 04, 2009

Obama is the Antichrist

A delegation of moonbats from Code Pink is carrying a letter to President Obama urging him to visit Gaza to listen to Hamas' point of view. The letter was written by Ahmad Yussef, Undersecretary of Hamas' 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs,' and was to be delivered to President Obama by Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin at the US embassy in Cairo on Thursday morning. US officials in Jerusalem (why are they being asked rather than US officials in Cairo, given that the letter is being delivered there) have not yet responded to the letter...
Former American President Jimmy Carter will be visiting Israel next week after 'supervising' the June 7 elections...
But Israel Radio has picked up reports in the Arab media, particularly in the 'Palestinian' daily al-Ayyam, which claim that Carter will also visit Gaza, and that he will be carrying a message to Hamas from current US President Barack Hussein Obama.


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