Wednesday, June 10, 2009

UPDATE 2:31PM:Gunshots Fired at DC Holocaust Museum

At first I thought "jihad", naturally.
For once it's not. So rest assured the Obama Media won't bury it: HUSSEIN Obama Media Covering Up Muslim Attacks In USA
But I can hear the vile, racist bloodthirsty muslims cheering on their Nazi brother.
Update: NBC Justice Department correspondent Pete Williams reports that the shooter has been identified as a "known white supremacist."NBC's Williams says the suspect is 89 years old. He reports that the suspect is in critical condition with a shot to the head.
At Least 2 Shot Inside Holocaust Museum, Officials Say
One suspect has been arrested.
(FOX News) At least two people were shot after a man opened fire inside the national Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, officials said.The suspect has been arrested, according to a law enforcement source.Reports said the suspect first shot a security guard, and that another guard returned fire, wounding the alleged shooter.There are conflicting reports about how many people were wounded. Another law enforcement official said three people were shot, but that there are no fatalities."The scene is secure," the source said.Police and other law enforcement, including the FBI's Terrorism Task Force, are surrounding the museum site.The Holocaust Museum is a popular tourist destination, located south of the National Mall and near the Washington Monument.
Gun shots were fired at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, FBI officials confirmed to CBS News.
D.C. police were at the scene responding to reports of gunfire, local authorities told CBS News.


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