Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Obmamania: Like both a sickness and it's cure?

None of Dr. Utopia’s promises were real — but his determination to push this country onto a destructive Marxist track was VERY MUCH REAL, and could very well be
File this one under DUH, subheading, OBVIOUS, but the economy is much, much worse than what Dr. Utopia and the rest of the unicorn-riding Kool-Aid Gang want you to believe.
This week, you’ve noticed posts have been light as those of us here have been involved in a few large projects — some taking extra work now that summer’s here and there’s rare actual work to be had, and others attending a weeklong series of seminars on nonprofit financing solutions in a depression.
Much to our surprise, about 30% of the presenters this week actually used the word DEPRESSION to describe the state of the economy, in direct opposition to what the White House and Congress issue in their talking points to the MSM enablers and sycophants. Factoring inflation and the recently developed contract-worker/independent-freelancer so prevalent today into the unemployment numbers (a unique American worker who did not exist, for all intents and purposes, in 1929-1932), things are already worse in large cities today than they were during the Great Depression. The REAL unemployment figures in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and other freelancer-heavy cities is around 20-25%: higher numbers than existed between 1929-1932....


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