Wednesday, May 27, 2009

jillosophy's recent conversation with an Ex-NSA guy

Our country is being set up. American people are being set up - served up - on a silver platter.
Because when the shit hits the fan, HE will be the one we are forced to turn to.It gets worse and worse people. EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF THIS SPHINCTER OF AN ADMINISTRATION STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN.
Notice how nothing the N Koreans do even raises an eyebrow? Doesn't even break a sweat? I just know our military and law enforcement sectors feel it. I just know they're nervous. When Marshall Law is declared, they will make their decision to sacrifice their families and fellow Americans at the order of this false president, or to revolt.
I personally don't think Marshall Law will work because of this - unless the antichrist admin has hundreds of thousands of foreign troops on our soil already... and who will battle our own forces to get it done. Which will only work if our forces are employed elsewhere.
Some stuff here in this video is "really out there" - but... so is everything that has happened during the last six months. That, you have to admit!
Pay attention to minutes 6 - 9
Today jillosophy came across an ex-NSA/FBI guy (retired now) and I asked him about these FEMA cosentration camps being built throughout the country.
Knowing he wouldn't answer me I was just looking for the look in his eye.
He looked at me sideways, like a lizard, for a split second and mumbled something like, "You know too much." or "You don't want to know too much." But he did nod his head and said,"They do exist".
I then asked why they didn't use the one in Texas during Katrina, expressing that they may not be designed for anything sinister (me seeming simply innocent and curious - men eat that shit up).
He said because it wasn't ready yet.
I then told him I had read some of the official documents that were available at govt the website and that I was curious as to the term used "civilian inmates". And said I was confused... did it actually mean literally civilians turned inmate? Or inmates as civilians, not actual convicts, like they had to move them out of the prisons for some reason. He laughed.
Was he jerking my chain? Did he think I was a joke? I will never know. Just had to pass this on. IS OBAMA AN ILLEGAL PRESIDENT?


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