Monday, March 30, 2009

Incredible video of New York Muslim child's indoctrination

Muslim indoctrination of their children to hate Jews and Christians occurs right here in America.

Take for example what you see in the video below. In the way of a description, Robert Spensor at Jihad Watch writes:
[...] More on teaching children to hate: watch this cute little Muslim girl answer a series of questions about Islam ... Note the ones about hating Jews and Christians, and about rejecting the idea that the Qur'an was created, rather than existing eternally with Allah, identical to the "Mother of the Book, in our presence" mentioned in Qur'an 43:4. This complicates the possibility of historical criticism and reform.
Note also all the approving comments from Muslims in the YouTube thread
This has been going on in the U.S.for some time now, particularly in Islamic schools. In June 2008 WND reported that a curriculum review found Islamic schools in America to be breeding anti-Semitism, but so far little action has been taken to reverse what is a definite trend.


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