Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fear and (Self) Loathing of the Sinister Left

Author Jamie Glazov Discusses New Book on Terror
If you've followed any of the countless anti-war and anti-Israel demonstrations in America and Europe over the past few years, you've seen a wild mix of radical forces at work. Islamic fanatics linking arms with godless Communists; upper class, bohemian socialists waving Palestinian flags and yelling "Allahu Akhbar;" or maybe Marxist college professors and Hezbollah sympathizers marching side by side to denounce America and Israel. On the surface, these bizarre alliances seem to make little sense. But Jamie Glazov says they are merely the natural, destructive outcome of left-wing ideology. Glazov's new book is called United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror.
In the book, Glazov--the son of Soviet dissidents who fled to the United States (through Italy) when he was a boy--takes a scalpel to the left's mindset and belief system and shows why they so often lead to the very horrors leftists claim to oppose: despotism, oppression and a complete disregard for personal freedom and human rights. I sat down with Glazov recently at CBN's Washington, D.C. bureau to discuss this powerful book and his personal motivations for writing it.
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