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D.C. Watson: Misunderstanders of Their "Peaceful" Faith
Our friend D. C. Watson updates his master list.
Here is an incomplete list of Muslims in the United States who have been arrested and/or convicted for either planning or acting out their "jihad" against unsuspecting, innocent men, women and children. Will the Muslim organizations in America ever stand up for once and address the facts, or will they continue trying to mask what's really going on within their own community by accusing Americans of practicing the biases and double standards that they themselves practice in accordance with their own beliefs?
Step right up, place your bets.
Abdel Azim El Siddig: Financing Islamic terrorism (Missouri).
Abdelhaleem Ashqar: Criminal contempt and obstruction of justice for refusing to testify in 2003 before a grand jury investigating the Palestinian militant movement Hamas. Telephone records presented in the case records showed that Ashqar was in contact with Hamas leaders.
Abdul Hakim Murad: Conspiring and attempting to bomb 12 airliners.
Abdul Rauf Noormohamed: Providing false terrorism tips to federal agents.
Abdurahman Alamoudi: Financing Islamic terrorism.
Adam Gadahn, convert to Islam: Treason.
Adham Hassoun: Conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim people in a foreign country.
Adnan el-Shukrijumah: Wanted in connection with possible threats against the United States.
Agron Abdullahu: Conspiring to provide weapons to illegal immigrants.
Ahmad Abdelmomen: Aggravated assault, for beating his younger sister, breaking her back, and leaving her wheelchair bound because he was upset about her relationship with a non-Muslim boy. Their parents did not immediately call for medical assistance, believing that the beating was justified. (Michigan)
Ahmad Saad Nasim: Filing a false 'anti-Muslim' hate crime (Arizona).
Ahmad Mustafa: Aiding Islamic terrorists (Missouri).
Ahmed Abdel Sattar: Assisting an Islamic militant imprisoned in the United States with communicating with his followers in Egypt (New York).
Ahmed Barodi: Smuggling bogus passports into Saudi Arabia for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.
Ahmed Mohamed: Teaching and demonstrating the making and use of an expolsive and destructive device, illegal transporting of explosive materials. (South Carolina)
Ahmed Omar Abu Ali: Terror-related charges, plotting to kill a U.S. President (Virginia).
Ahmed Ressam: Plotting to bomb the Los Angeles Airport on the eve of the new millennium.
Ali Abu Kamal: Shooting seven people on the Empire State Building's observation deck, killing one because he wanted to "punish America for supporting Israel."
Ali al-Timimi: Recruiting Islamic terrorists.
Ali bin Mussalim: Investing funds for Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida.
Ali Mohamed Bagegni: Financing Islamic terrorism (Missouri).
Ali Warrayat: Aggravated assault and arson. Warrayat, a Muslim and former student at Arizona State, with a Qur'an and a Palestinian flag in his trunk, rammed his car through the doors of an Arizona Home Depot store, drove through the store to the section that stocks the flammable liquids, and sets it ablaze. Why? He was unhappy with his raise. Also noted in police statements was that Warrayat had referred to his religion on several occasions, and that a Qur'an was hanging from the rearview mirror inside his vehicle.
Amir Abdelgani: Seditious conspiracy, bombing conspiracy and attempted bombing.
Amjad Abunar: Arson, reporting a false 'anti-Muslim' hate crime (Texas).
Basel Saleh Salem Kassem: Charged with making a threat on a public conveyance, screaming that he had a bomb in his bag after getting into an argument with someone on an Amtrak train (Virginia).
Basman Elashi: Conspiracy, money laundering and dealing in property of a terrorist (Texas).
Bayan Elashi: Conspiracy, money laundering and dealing in property of a terrorist (Texas).
Christopher Paul, aka Abdul Malek, or Abdul Malik: Providing material support to terrorists, conspiracy to provide support to terrorists, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. (Ohio)
Clement Hampton-El: Seditious conspiracy, bombing conspiracy and attempted bombing (New York).
Dawud Salahuddin, convert to Islam: Murder of a critic of Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini, saying the killing was "an act of war and a religious duty." Fled to Iran after the murder he committed (Bethesda, Maryland).
Derrick Shareef, aka Talib Abu Salam Ibn Shareef: Attempting to damage or destroy a building by fire or explosion, attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction against persons or property in the U.S.
Donald T. Surratt, convert to Islam: Conspiracy, terror support.
Dritan Duka: Conspiring to kill uniformed military personnel. Ehsanul Islam Sadequee: Conspiring to provide and providing material support to terrorists. (Georgia)
El-Sayyid Nosair: Seditious conspiracy, murder in aid of racketeering, attempted murder in aid of racketeering, attempted murder of a postal police officer, use of a firearm in the commission of a murder.
Eljvir Duka: Conspiring to kill uniformed military personnel.
Emadeddin Z. Muntasser: Conspiracy to defraud the United States, tax violations, and making false statements by lying to the government to win tax-exempt status for Care International, an Islamic charity, and then using the nonprofit to distribute publications promoting jihad, and to support Muslim militants overseas. (Boston, Mass.)

Eman Zaeri: Threatening to blow up a local bus with a grenade in Las Vegas.
Fadil Abdelghani: Seditious conspiracy, bombing conspiracy, attempted bombing. (New York).
Fadl Mohammad Maatouk: Conspiring to provide support to a terrorist organization. (Florida)
Faisal Al-Salmi: Lying to the FBI when he denied knowing 9/11 hijacker, murderer Hani Hanjour, who flew American Airlines flight 77 into the Pentagon. (Faisal Al-Salmi and Hani Hanjour were registered at the same time to use a flight simulator at a Phoenix flight school.) Fares Khallafalla: Seditious conspiracy, bombing conspiracy and attempted bombing. (New York).
Fawzi Assi: Attempting to provide support to a terrorist organization.
Faysal Galab: Contributing "funds, goods and services to and for the benefit of Osama bin Laden and al Qaida.
Ghassan Elashi: Conspiracy, money laundering and dealing in property of a terrorist (Texas).
Gregory Vernon Patterson, convert to Islam: Plotting terrorist attacks against synagogues, the Israeli Consulate and military facilities in Los Angeles.
Hamid Hayat: Providing material support to terrorists, lying to the FBI.
Hammad Abdur-Raheem: Providing material support to a known terrorist organization.
Hammad Riaz Samana: Plotting terrorist attacks against synagogues, the Israeli Consulate and military facilities in Los Angeles.
Hasan Akbar: Murder of fellow U.S. soldiers.
Hassan Abujihaad, fka Paul R. Hall, former U.S. Sailor: Supporting terrorism with intent to kill U.S. citizens, transmitting classified information to unauthorized people. Hazim Elashi: Conspiracy, money laundering and dealing in property of a terrorist. (Texas).
Hesham Mohamed Hadayet: With a .45 calibur firearm, went on a shooting spree at the Los Angeles International Airport while standing in line at the ticket counter of Israel's El Al Airlines, killing two people, including a 20-year-old unarmed woman. He also wounded four others, shooting an unarmed 61-year-old woman, pistol whipping an unarmed man, and stabbing a security guard with a six inch long knife he was also carrying. Side note: The wife of the murderer blamed the United States and its "hate for Islam" for the attack, saying that her spouse was a "victim of injustice."
Ibrahim Abu Mezer: Plotting to bomb New York subways.
Ibrahim Ahmed, Nashville, TN cab driver: Assault and attempted homicide, when after an argument with two non-Muslim passengers over religion, he attempted to run them over as they walked away from the taxi. He succeeded in critically injuring one.
Ibraham Ahmed al-Hamdi: "Virginia Jihad Network", weapons and explosives violations, carrying a rocket-propelled grenade in furtherance of a conspiracy to undertake a military operation against India (Virginia).
Ibrahim A. Elgabrowny: Seditious conspiracy; assault of a Federal agent and city police detective. (New York).
Ihsan Elashyi: Illegal sales of computer equipment to known Islamic terror sponsoring states (Texas).
Imam Fawaz Damra: Obtaining U.S. citizenship by providing false information, concealing his ties to designated Islamic terror organizations (Ohio). Imam Jamil Al-Amin: Murder, felony murder, aggravated assault on a police officer, obstructing a law enforcement officer, impersonating an officer, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Ismail Yassin Mohamed: While driving a stolen black Chevy Cavalier, he began intentionally ramming a blue and white taxi cab for several blocks until the cab crashed. The passenger inside the cab was critically injured. Mohamed then took off in the Cavalier and crashed it into a business. He then got out of the car and stole a school van. The driver of the van managed to get an 8-year-old boy out of the vehicle before Mohamed drove off with it. Mohamed crashed the van into another group of cars. Authorities said Mohamed was trying steal another car when witnesses pinned him down and waited for police. When asked why he did this, Mohamed replied..."Allah made me do it." Police ruled out road rage as a motive (Minneapolis).
Iyman Faris: Providing material support and resources to al Qaida (Virginia).
Jaber Elbaneh: Providing material support to a terrorist organization and conspiring to provide material support, specifically to al-Qaida.
John Muhammad, sniper: Murdering Americans.
John Walker Lindh, convert to Islam: Providing support to the Taliban.
Jose Padilla/aka Abdullah al-Muhajir: Terrorism conspiracy.
Kevin James, convert to Islam: Plotting terrorist attacks against synagogues, the Israeli Consulate and military facilities in Los Angeles.
Karim Moussaoui: Possession or receiving of a firearm by a person admitted to the United States under a non-immigrant visa.
Kifah Jayoussi: Conspiring to provide material support and resources for terrorism and conspiracy to kill, kidnap, maim or injure people or damage property in a foreign country.
Lafi Khalil: Plotting to bomb New York subways.
Levar Haney Washington, convert to Islam: Plotting terrorist attacks against synagogues, the Israeli Consulate and military facilities in Los Angeles.
Mahmoud Kourani: Supporting the Islamic terror organization, Hezbollah, through fund-raising.
Mahmud Faruq Brent: Conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.
Mandhai Jokhan: Attempting to blow up nuclear power plants in Florida.
Masoud Ahmad Kahn: Conspiracy to levy war against the United States, providing support to the Taliban.
Mazhar Tabesh: Arson, reporting a false 'anti-Muslim' hate crime (Utah).
Michael Julius Ford, convert to Islam: Opened fire at a warehouse in Denver, Colorado, killing one and injuring four others because he was "teased for being a Muslim and couldn't take it anymore." Mir Aimal Kasi: Murdering two CIA agents, and wounding three others with an assault rifle near CIA headquarters. (Virginia)Mirza Akram: Arson, reporting a false 'anti-Muslim' hate crime (Washington state).
Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer: Conspiring to kill uniformed military personnel.
Mohamed Shorbagi: Pleaded guilty in federal court to providing material support to Hamas with donations through the Holy Land Foundation. (Georgia)
Mohammed Ali Alayed: After experiencing a religious awakening, he murdered his Jewish friend by slashing his throat.
Mohammed Ali Hassan al-Moayad: Attempting to fund terrorist organizations (New York).
Mohammed Hammoud: Providing material support for Hezbollah (North Carolina).
Mohammed Khalil Ghali: Conspiracy to commit offenses against the U.S.
Mohammed Mohsen Yahya Zayed: Conspiring to provide material support to the al-Qaeda and Hamas terrorist groups.
Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar: Nine counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to cause bodily injury after plowing a sport utility vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians, saying he wanted to "spread the will of Allah" (North Carolina).
Mohammed Saleh: Seditious conspiracy, bombing conspiracy and attempted bombing. (New York).
Mohammed Yousry: Providing material aid to terrorism and conspiring to deceive the government.
Mubarak Hamed: Financing Islamic terrorism (Missouri).
Muhamed Mubayyid: Making false statements to the FBI, conspiracy to defraud the United States, tax violations, and making false statements by lying to the government to win tax-exempt status for Care International, an Islamic charity, and then using the nonprofit to distribute publications promoting jihad, and to support Muslim militants overseas. (Boston, Mass.)
Muhammed Aatique: Commencing a military expedition against a friendly nation, and using and discharging a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.
Mukhtar al-Bakri: Providing material support to al Qaeda.
Nada Nadim Prouty: Naturalization fraud, conspiracy, unauthorized computer access at her FBI and CIA jobs.
Naji Antoine Abi Khalil: Attempting to provide material support and military equipment to Hezbollah.
Naveed Afzal Haq: Aggravated first-degree murder, five counts of first-degree attempted murder, first-degree kidnapping for holding a gun to the back of a 14-year-old girl to force his way into the building; one charge of first-degree burglary and malicious harassment, the felony charge for a hate crime. Haq, stating that he was a "Muslim American, angry at Israel," barged into the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, shooting six unarmed women, killing one.
Naveed Khan: arson, and conspiracy to commit arson, reported as an 'anti-Muslim' hate crime.
Nemr Ali Rahal: Smuggling funds to the Islamic terrorist organization, Hezbollah.
Nuradin Abdi: Plotting to bomb an Ohio shopping mall (Columbus).
Omeed Aziz Popal: Murder and 18 counts of attempted murder after a hit and run spree in a sport utility vehicle through San Francisco and Fremont, CA, after which he identified himself to authorities as a "terrorist."
Rafiq Sabir: Conspiring to provide material support to al-Qaida.
Ramzi Youssef: 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
Randall "Ismail" Royer, "Virginia Jihad Network": Weapons and Islamic terror related charges.
Rashid Baz: One count of second-degree murder, 14 counts of attempted murder. (Brooklyn bridge shooting)Robert Mustaq John: Convicted of sending a death threat by E-mail to Attorney and political blogger Debbie Schlussel, which consisted of pictures of American journalist Daniel Pearl with a gun being pointed at his head, and of Pearl in the middle of being beheaded. Also included in the subject line was the following: "JEWgirl, you might be next", and in red capital letters the words "KILL ALL KIKES." (New York) Said Biyad: Assault, rape, four counts of murder. (Kentucky)
Sahim Alwan: Providing material support to al Qaida.
Saleh Nawash: Conspiracy, attempted aggravated arson, and attempted insurance fraud, made to look like an 'anti-Muslim' hate crime (Ohio).
Sami Al-Arian: Conspiring to provide services to a specially designated terrorist organization.
Samir Al-Monla: Conspiracy to defraud the United States, tax violations, and making false statements by lying to the government to win tax-exempt status for Care International, an Islamic charity, and then using the nonprofit to distribute publications promoting jihad, and to support Muslim militants overseas. (Boston, Mass.)
Seifullah Chapman: Conspiring to provide material support to terrorists.
Serdar Tatar: Conspiring to kill uniformed military personnel.
Seyed Mostafa Maghloubi: pleaded guilty last August to violating the US trade embargo against Iran. Maghloubi admitted attempting to purchase up to 100,000 Uzi submachine guns and night-vision goggles, which he wanted to export to Iran through Dubai. (California).
Shafal Mosed: Providing material support to al Qaida.
Shain Duka: Conspiring to kill uniformed military personnel.
Shahawar Matin Siraj: Conspiring to place explosives at a New York subway station.
Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman: Seditious conspiracy for plotting a "war of urban terrorism against the United States."
Soliman Biheiri: Illegally using a U.S. passport to enter the United States, concealing business ties with a leader of Hamas.
Syed Haris Ahmed: Conspiring to provide and providing material support to terrorists. (Georgia)
Tarig Elhassan: Seditious conspiracy, bombing conspiracy and attempted bombing. (New York).
Tarik ibn Osman Shah: Conspiring to provide material support to al-Qaida.
Victor Alvarez, convert to Islam: Seditious conspiracy, bombing conspiracy, attempted bombing and firearms charges. (New York).
Wali Khan: Conspiracy to bomb passenger planes.
Yahya Goba: Providing material support to al Qaida.
Yasein Taher: Supporting a terrorist organization. Yaser Abdel Said: Critical of popular American lifestyles, and upset with the dating activities of his daughters, eighteen year old Amina, and seventeen year old Sarah, Dallas, Texas cab driver Yaser Abdel Said, to date stands accused of shooting both of his daughters, leaving them to die in the back of his taxi. At the time of this writing, Said is described as an armed and dangerous fugitive.
Yaser Bushnaq, a former president of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), CAIR's parent organization: Failing to disclose his affiliations with organizations linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas when he applied to become a U.S. citizen in 2000.
Youseff Megahed: Illegal transporting of explosive materials. (South Carolina)
Zacarias Moussaoui: 9/11 plotter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ali Mohamed Bagegni: Financing Islamic terrorism (Missouri).

Not quite.
The government was looking for scapegoats. This guy and four others were running a legitimate charity out of Columbia Missouri to help the Iraqi kids hurt by Clinton and Hussein, AND then Bush came along and compounded the problem 10 times.

The government has been reduced to saying they did not file the correct paper work on an old USAID grant from the late 90's. Pure silliness and face saving on the Feds part.

Believe it or not but our actions ("the good guys in the US") are hurting kids in Iraq and the few million refugees in surrounding countries AND the governments, here and over there, are not able to keep up the help and charities need to do their thing.

Check it out!

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Links to viewing/downloading FITNA:

FITNA via Live Leak

Original Dutch Version - this video should be translated to another two dozen languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, and another two dozen languages, not forgetting Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and various versions of Bahasa. No time to waste - with Hebrew at the top of that two dozen. Then, just for fun, Turkish and Farsi with a mid-east footprint could - unannounced - broadcast it in same). Thai. Tagalog (Filipino lingua franca). Portuguese. Amharic (official language of Ethiopia). Swahili. Tok Pisin (lingua franca of Papua-New Guinea, whose Melanesian kinfolk in West Papua are being subjected to Jihad and sharia creep and unlimited Muslim immigration. Top of the list should be those languages used by societies that are currently fighting off Jihad.

FITNA via Google video

According to Klein Verzet, Geert Wilders is asking for financial support for FITNA's distribution:
Most people don’t realize it, but reaching a global audience on the Internet is quite expensive. If you reach millions of people, you also have many millions of page hits and as a result many terabytes of bandwidth to buy from you're hosting company.
That's might not be something Wilders has realized when he made his initial plans for Fitna. He was after all planning a small film for a Dutch audience to be broad casted on Dutch national television. But after the Dutch government called for a ban and no Dutch broadcaster wanted to broadcast it, he decided to go the internet way. And as it now has become a global hype with a global audience, this means he now needs money to pay for the global distribution. The film, he today repeated in the media, will be released before the 1st of April and asks on his website for donations:
To our international friends:
Please support our struggle. The battle for the survival of freedom is not something we can do all by ourselves. Party for Freedom (PVV) is the only political party in Dutch Parliament that refuses government subsidy. Therefore, we are dependent on your support. We need your help urgently, as costs are mounting. Freedom isn’t free.
You can use the Paypal application under “DONEER” of you can make a contribution to:

Stichting Vrienden van de PVV (Foundation Friends of PVV), in The Hague, the Netherlands.
Bank account
IBAN: NL98 INGB 0670 4723 44 - BIC: INGBNL2A

It’s hard to say how much money he needs for the distribution for his film. It all depends on how many people are going to view it and how the Film will be distributed. But even if it’s possible to release Fitna with the help of video providers like Youtube or Liveleak, it will still cost quite some money only to have a website announcing it. After the release many millions will directly want to visit the website and thus the website needs expensive dedicated and high-performance hardware to serve those many millions of people. This will not come cheap.
If Geert Wilders doesn’t decide against advertisements on the Fitna website, he has however a good opportunity to cover a part of the cost. Adding some Adsense advertisements and/or Amazon affiliate advertisements is quite easy and will at least earn him thousand dollars per million visitors.
Cost will however rise astronomically if Fitna can’t be distributed with the help of video services like Youtube or Liveleak. To show a video stream of 15 minutes to millions of people will result in many hundreds of terabytes of traffic. Bumping Fitna’s release cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Let’s make sure Fitna will get released and be easily accessible to everybody. Please do a small donation in support of freedom of speech


Daily update on casualties due to global Islamic Jihad since 9/11

A graphic illustration of History of Religion . . .
The geography of faith and its wars across history - 5,000 yrs. in 90 seconds.


The Jihad against Arabs (622 to 634)

The Jihad against Zoroastrian Persians of Iran, Baluchistan and Afghanistan (634 to 651)

The Jihad against the Byzantine Christians (634 to 1453)

The Jihad against Christian Coptic Egyptians (640 to 655)

The Jihad against Christian Coptic Nubians - modern Sudanese (650)

The Jihad against pagan Berbers - North Africans (650 to 700)

The Jihad against Spaniards (711 to 730)

The Reconquista against Jihad in Spain (730 to 1492)

The Jihad against Franks - modern French (720 to 732)

The Jihad against Sicilians in Italy (812 to 940)

The Jihad against Chinese (751)

The Jihad against Turks (651 to 751)

The Jihad against Armenians and Georgians (1071 to 1920)

The Crusade against Jihad (1096 – 1291 ongoing)

The Jihad against Mongols (1260 to 1300)

The Jihad against Hindus of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (638 to 1857)

The Jihad against Indonesians and Malays (1450 to 1500)

The Jihad against Poland (1444 to 1699)

The Jihad against Romania (1350 to 1699)

The Jihad against Russia (1500 to 1853)

The Jihad against Bulgaria (1350 to 1843)

The Jihad against Serbs, Croats and Albanians (1334 to 1920)

The Jihad against Greeks (1450 to 1853)

The Jihad against Albania (1332 - 1853)

The Jihad against Croatia (1389 to 1843)

The Jihad against Hungarians (1500 to 1683)

The Jihad against Austrians (1683)

Jihad in the Modern Age (20th and 21st Centuries)

The Jihad against Israelis (1948 – 2004 ongoing)

The Jihad against Americans (9/11/2001)

The Jihad against the British (1947 onwards)

The Jihad against the Germans (1945 onwards)

The Jihad against the Filipinos in Mindanao(1970 onwards)

The Jihad against Indonesian Christians in Malaku and East Timor (1970 onwards)

The Jihad against Russians (1995 onwards)

The Jihad against Dutch and Belgians (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Norwegians and Swedes (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Thais (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Nigerians (1965 onwards)

The Jihad against Canadians (2001 onwards)

The Jihad against Latin America (2003 onwards)

The Jihad against Australia (2002 onwards)

The Global Jihad today (2001 – ongoing)

The War on Terror against Jihad today (2001– ongoing)

UK video: Dispatches: Undercover Mosque
Dispatches: Undercover Mosque, Part 1

Dispatches: Undercover Mosque, Part 2

Dispatches: Undercover Mosque, Part 3

Dispatches: Undercover Mosque, Part 4

Dispatches: Undercover Mosque, Part 5

Dispatches: Undercover Mosque, Part 6

Video infiltrating Chech mosques: I, a Muslim

Remembering Beslan"

Video, SUBMISSION, Theo Van Gogh/Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Video, Islam: What The West Needs To Know


video,Pat Condell, Appeasing Islam Condell was quoted in the film, FITNA

"Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques" PDF report

CAIR . . .The Washington, D.C.-based organization purports to be a "leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding" and claims to speak for the majority of American Muslims. However, after a careful review of the history, activities, statements, and causes of and by CAIR, it seems that its primary goals are to silence and de-legitimize its critics

To read Part 1 of CAIR Exposed: click here.

For Part 2 on CAIR's Funding, click here.

For Part 3 on "The Suspect Ties of CAIR Officials, Fundraisers and Trainers," click here.

For Part 4, "CAIR and Hamas," click here.

Atlas Shrugs has a great post up with links to the Islamisation status of individual countries for 2007.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the Miami Hurricane article about call to prayer being sounded as part of Islam Awareness Week, I posted the following:

Geert Wilders is right about Islam. The Qur'an teaches hate and bigotry. It should not be used to instruct children or be used in prisons as a conversion tool.

Islamophobia? Who are the true Islamophobes? Network Solutions and YouTube? Those who try to silence the truth-tellers out of fear? A phobia is an irrational fear. Understanding the true motives of Islam and wanting to stop Islamization is not irrational.

Islam is the antithesis of our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. Muslims will tell you Islam means peace. What is meant by this is that all will be peaceful under Islam - if one accepts Islam. If not, those of other faiths can exist by paying the jizyah. This is what Islam teaches. Paying jizyah (tax) to Allah in order to be allowed to practice a religion other than Islam is not freedom of religion. If Islam spreads and becomes the dominant religion, how long before the right to freedom of religion is abolished to be in line with Qur'anic scripture?

Study the Qur'an and the ahadiths. A rational human being can only come to the conclusion that Islam was developed by a man who, because he thirsted for power, developed an ideology based on his deliberate perversions of Judaism and Christianity in order to create hatred for the followers of those religions. Create the hatred, then create an army to ravage and take control of the lands of the People of the Book (Jews & Christians). Islam is not just a religion. It is an ideology with political, military and religious aspects. It is a total belief system.

The Crusades were, of course, the quest to retake the lands stolen by the first Jihadists - Muhammad and his followers.

Do you realize that the Siege of Vienna took place on September 11, 1683? Why do you think September 11 was the date chosen by 19 Islamists to fly planes into our buildings? It was a message to us that Islam was again on the rise.

Interfaith groups seem a noble cause, but they only promote Islamization, because the attempt on the part of naive non-Muslims is not reciprocated with the same noble intentions on the part of Muslims. This is not to say all Muslims are gifted in the "art" of taqiyya (lying) and use it. In fact, there are many Muslims who do not even know the finer points of their faith and who have become secularized or they are indoctrinated and do not question their faith.

Muslims will tell you that you cannot understand Islam properly if you do not know Arabic. (There is some indication that Arabic was not the original language used) And, of course, if you do not understand Arabic, then you must only study with a Muslim who does. Don't listen to them who say this. Certainly, one can listen to, read, study both sides, if one is interested in "being fair-minded." But quite frankly, within the first several days of studying Islam, I was able to to easily see how and why Islam came to be. I was appalled by the so-called prophet of Islam and by the Qur'an, which is, as Wilders called it, fascistic in nature. Muhammad not only lived in the Spin Zone, I am quite sure that he created it. He said Allah said something, but then when that thing conflicted with something Muhammad wanted or did, he simply explained it away with a new saying from Allah to justify his behavior.

Contrast Muhammad with Jesus Christ and there is no comparison. Muhammad was a brutal warrior and Jesus was only peaceful. God bless Pope Benedict for playing the very dangerous game of chess with Muslim leaders. He is a brilliant man and I fear that priests and others who are doing interfaith work do not have the knowledge to engage in it properly. Islam in America is here to win, not to merely live side-by-side with other faiths.

CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in an ongoing case regarding contributions to Hamas, claims to be nothing more than an advocacy group for Muslims, but instead, they are engaged in fake lawsuits to promote the Islamization of America. They are here to make sure our children's text books say nothing bad about Islam. They are here to make sure footbaths are installed in public institutions and to accustom us to call to prayer. They use the excuse that we have church bells, but church bells are used for many reasons. Call to prayer only has one purpose. In various places around the globe, call to prayer goes on forever at 2 a.m. When I hear call to prayer, it reminds me of 9/11. It is a sound that does not belong in this country. It causes distress for too many.

Many former Muslims are warning us about Islam. Listen to them. Listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali; to Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian terrorist who converted to Christianity, to Bat Ye'or, to Nonie Darwish, to Wafa Sultan, to Robert Spencer.

If not for those of us who speak of the dangers of Islam, Turkey would not be attempting revision of the ahadiths. That should tell you something - that Islam in its present form is unacceptable.

There are those Muslims in America who are attempting reform or pushing a New Age version of Sufism, but can Islam be reformed? Muslims believe the Qu'ran is the word of God handed to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel. How does one reform what is supposedly the word of God? Muslims have begun a campaign to disassociate themselves from the Taliban, from violence, from what they call a perversion of Islam, but the Qur'an itself calls for violence. The jihadists follow the true Islam.

As the saying goes, there are moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam.

If you are truly open-minded, you will seek out all opinion and treat it fairly. You will not accept the false idea that only Muslims understand Islam.

Watch Islam: What the West Needs to Know

*Ironically, the link I gave in the article for the above is no longer good.
Banned by Google. I found it on YouTube (where it was also banned), but
they haven't found the Finnish version yet. It's in English, but has a Finnish
title and Finnish subtitles.

I am hyperlinking only Part 1 because as long as YouTube hasn't pulled them,
the rest (2-13) can be found in the sidebar scroll at YouTube. These have Finnish
subtitles, but are in English. The originals were pulled by YouTube.

Part 1

Parts 1-13


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