Friday, August 10, 2007

Muslim Helpline

From Australia's
Written by Dan Zaremba
Wednesday, 01 August 2007

When Muslims conquered a new land in the past they made sure that their own social position in these new places was always superior to the people they subjugated. To put it plainly, history shows repeatedly that Muslims and non-Muslim did not mix. If Muslims walked down the street, non Muslims had to step back and bow their heads in respect. When a Muslim decided to strike a non-Muslim and the latter raised his arm to soften the blow the non-Muslim had to be beheaded for blatant insolence. Non-Muslims could not bear or even own any weapons and could only ride donkeys instead of horses.These are just a few examples of the treatment which non-Muslims are still exposed to in Mohammedan controlled lands (e.g. Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran etc). The fact that the treatment of dhimmis is not as harsh as it was up to the 19th Century is because of the colonial era and the European influence and NOT because Islam decided to reform itself. We should therefore observe with growing anxiety that the Australian Muslim 'leaders' are deceiving our gullible politicians and community leaders into granting Muslims special treatment and privileges not available to other communities and/or religious groups.
Playing victims is one of the tactics Islam mastered to perfection. All atrocities commited in the name of Allah become justified as self-defense.
Wherever there was a church left standing after Islamic conquests, a mosque had to be erected next to it and it had to be taller then the church in order to demonstrate superiority of Islam over other religions.
The latest development is Muslim Helpline (launched today):
Australia's first Muslim telephone helpline is being launched in Sydney today.The crisis hotline is part of a pilot project being run by the Muslim health charity Mission of Hope. Helpline director Hanan Dover says there has long been a need for a crisis line for Muslims staffed by Muslim counsellors. "They feel more comfortable with accessing Muslim health service providers because of the stigma that's attached to being Muslim," she said. Ms Dover says while Muslim Australians have the same mental health issues as others, they feel more alienated since events such as September 11. "They don't feel very trustworthy towards a lot of the authority figures, especially considering the latest issue with Doctor Mohamed Haneef," she said. The helpline will initially cover New South Wales, with some access for other states. (source)
So far Muslims enjoy separate, Sharia compliant banking, separate toilets and washing rooms, special treatment in hospitals and during police enquires .Specifically the Muslim helpline is just another small victory for Muslims. Can you imagine what can be achieved when the Muslim population reaches 10% not just mere 1.5% as it is today? When asked about the LaTrobe toilets, university officials and Islamic leaders defended the washrooms as vital to Muslim students' prayer rituals. (source )
Oh – really? So it is a religious thing to keep the Muslims apart from other mortals and therefore it is justified. But then I heard that argument before in South Africa when apartheid made the west scream with rage.


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