Friday, August 10, 2007

Elections in Jakarta, Catholic’s fear an “Islamic Governor”

Tomorrow citizens in the capital will choose a new governor.
On the eve of the vote, the Archdiocese’ Commission for Apostolate to the lay writes a letter warning of the risks of a victory of candidates linked to the PKS: “Although it has not openly declared its intent, the party aims to introduce sharia and uproot the principals of the Constitution”.
08/07/2007 12:26
by Mathias Hariyadi

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – The imminent elections for the governor of Jakarta are worrying religious and ethnic minorities; in a possible victory by the Prosperous and Justice Party (PKS) they see the erosion of the principles of national unity and secular values enshrined in Indonesian law and the nearing of an Islamic State. The Commission for Apostolate to the lay of the capital’s archdiocese has launched the alarm; the body also known by KAJ, has published a letter to the city’s inhabitants, on the eve of the vote due to take place tomorrow August 8th.
The letter notes that the PKS, of Islamic inspiration, “has never publicly expressed its political agenda. However, there have been scores of reason to believe that PKS’ political is the to change what is the so-caled 'secular state" with new policies with the religion-based orientation". The KAJ warns against “some radical right-wing Muslim-based parties and groups attempts to implement sharia at a local level (such as in Aceh); this is once again a “political violation” against the very basic principle of the Constitution and “ideas” voiced by Indonesia’s Founding Fathers”.


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