Monday, July 23, 2007

Bomb defused outside Potter book launch site in Pakistan

Amid global "Potter mania," around 2,000 Pakistani fans, mostly children and youths, had reserved copies of the book at the launch.
Sat Jul 21, 4:12 AM ET
KARACHI (AFP) - Pakistani police said they had defused a bomb outside a packed shopping centre where the latest Harry Potter book was scheduled to be launched.
The man behind what police called an "immature" bomb plot phoned police after having an apparent change of heart because of the many children at the site, said Karachi police investigation chief Manzoor Mughal.
"Police have foiled an attempt to blow up a car bomb by remote control outside the Pak Towers and defused 10 kilogrammes of explosives in a stolen car," he said. "Had it exploded it would have caused a huge loss of lives."
"There were several hundred people inside Pak Towers at the time we received the call from an unknown person that a bomb was about to explode," Mughal said.
The warning prompted the cancellation of the official launch of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" at the Liberty Books shop in the shopping centre in Pakistan's largest city.
Police were trying to trace the call, and were interviewing the woman from whom the car was stolen at gunpoint on July 10 for a description of the thief...


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