Monday, July 23, 2007

Ted Nugent: Cultivating work ethic is vital for children, for America

By Ted Nugent, Texas Wildman
Sunday, July 22, 2007

The New York journalist, and I use the term "journalist" generously, was attempting to take me to task for claiming that slovenliness and laziness are unnecessary choices anywhere, anytime, but especially in America.
I had just explained to him how, as a child of a lower middle-class family living on the outskirts of Detroit in the roaring 1950s, I got nothing unless I earned it.
We did without. We were frugal by design. You want a guitar, kid? Get a job. Or two.
I went into detail how my mother and father loved me and properly parented us kids in the most powerful and positive of ways by teaching us real-world self-esteem as something that only comes from genuine effort, sacrifice and intelligent, conscientious prioritization.
By age 12, I had two paper routes, washed cars, swept sidewalks and driveways, sold night crawlers, shoveled snow, raked leaves, cleaned eaves, painted fences, mowed lawns, trimmed hedges, cleaned windows and performed a myriad of other work duties beyond my routine household chores.
It was expected in my family. I took pride in earning my keep and contributing to the family asset column.
Plan B is for the Osbournes and Paris Hiltons of the chump world.
Sad, really.
The reporter scoffed that such opportunities were somehow not realistic in America, 2007.
With a smarmy sarcasm, he chuckled, "catching and selling night crawlers? Do you actually believe that is a realistic opportunity for kids today?"
Well, not if the little brats are catered to, cleaned up after and provided with every electronic gadget, superfluous clothing of trendy choice and bling-bling to choke a welfare goat without a hint of effort, no.
Such entrepreneurial creativity as mine certainly would be camouflaged by the feel-good fog of denial and cult of crybaby prima donna whiners. You know who they are.
God forbid little Johnny or Suzie might get his or her lily-white, manicured, dainty hands dirty. That might embarrass them and hurt their feelings and self-esteem.
I got news for ya, Bubba. Any kid who doesn't have daily chores has yet to feel honestly good about himself. Any parent so irresponsible as to fail to demand chores and a work ethic from young children is asking for trouble.
That parent is helping to create a spineless, tragically dependent America. I, for one, would like to thank you for nothing.
I look around me every day across this amazing country, and my eyes see more opportunities for creative, driven young Americans than one could possibly take advantage of.
I see trash everywhere that quality businesses would love to pay someone to clean up. I see filthy windows and unkempt yards that a few bucks here and there to a good, hardworking, responsible kid would go a long, long way to upgrade.
I see dirty cars, dilapidated fences, broken signs, burnt-out lights, wrecked kennels.
I see piles and piles of recyclable debris that a thoughtful person or small business would gladly pay for removal and recycling. I see it everywhere.
I keep hearing how illegal immigration is OK and even desirable but for the lie that "Americans refuse to do those jobs." Really?
If we reward people for sitting around picking their noses and twiddling their thumbs, it is no surprise that we have actually trained people to be dependent instead of productive, happy, fulfilled citizens.
Shame on us. Shame on them.
Digging ditches, picking crops and doing hard labor is not something to be avoided or ashamed of.
Just the opposite. Sitting around letting others take care of you is surely the worst, soulless condition known to mankind. It is clearly a self-inflicted form of slavery, and I don't like it.
Kids are desperately seeking action, challenge, guidance, prodding, discipline. (Haven't we heard this somewhere before?)
Don't cater to them. Don't pick up after them. Put them to work.
Teach them the wonderful sensation of productivity. Fan the flames of independence and teamwork while celebrating rugged individualism. They will love you for it, and it is your job. Make them do theirs.
Ted Nugent is a Waco-based musician and television show host.
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