Wednesday, January 31, 2007

(Another) Iraqi family caught in Texas crossing border illegally

HARLINGEN, Texas: Customs officials in South Texas say an Iraqi family was caught within miles of the Rio Grande after crossing the border illegally.
The family of five was detained Saturday night near U-S Highway 281 in Pharr.
Border Patrol spokesman Oscar Saldana says computer searches revealed no ties to terrorism.
Saldana says the family remains in Customs and Immigration Enforcement custody while being processed for deportation.
Saldana confirmed the capture after an anonymous tip was phoned in to the Valley Morning Star newspaper.
He said he could not disclose whether there had been similar apprehensions of Iraqi nationals within the sector.
He also could not say whether the family claimed they were in the U-S for religious reasons, as did eleven Iraqis caught with illegal passports last week in northern Mexico.


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