Friday, December 29, 2006

Dhimmicrats Do America.

The Imam Scam and the Democratic House of Games
December 28, 2006Vox Populi
By Marc Sheppard

Remember when fear of flying was a normal, human response to an inner doubt that a 3 quarter million pound hunk of metal had any business being 30,000 feet in the air? Of course, that was before 19 men – all Mideast Muslims – ended their miserable lives on September 11, 2001 and took nearly 3,000 innocent victims along for the ride. Since that dreadful day, it’s doubtful that even the most ardently PC liberal has boarded any airplane without carefully evaluating all fellow passengers – and not to evade inebriated Shriners.
It is that same indelible angst of their brothers’ making which a group of Muslim thugs targeted last month to perpetrate a hideous hoax. And the soon-to-be empowered Democrats and their gullible accomplices in the media proved the perfect patsies for this odious plan to make the skies ever more dangerous for Americans. Or did they?
In a swindle blending the shakedown tactics of Jesse Jackson with the outright fabrications of Al Sharpton, the flying imams set out to provide Democrats the perfect cover to breathe life into a deservedly dying bill — The End Racial Profiling Act. Passage of this absurd waste of paper would all but assure terrorists unfettered access to our greatest of vulnerabilities – particularly airlines.
Step 1 — The Plan
Step 2 – The Setup
Step 3 – The Sting
Step 4 – The Expected Payoff: The End Racial Profiling Act of 2007
The Next Speaker of the House of Games
Whether the eager-to-oblige “proud” co-sponsors of the original act, Rep. Conyers and Speaker-to-be Pelosi were merely “marks” or something more is still open to conjecture. Then again, which would be worse – control of the House by those who would conspire with our enemies or those who would be so easily duped by them?


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The Democrats are truly dhimmicrats. There is the appearance that the Dems are doing everything in their power to provide rules that enable easy access by America's enemy - radical Mohammedans.

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