Saturday, November 18, 2006

Yes. I am a fan. I really enjoy his Street Magic specials...

Yes, I know he's a little corny, melodramatic, a HAM sometimes... but isn't that what street theater is supposed to be? His talent is amazing. I mean, come on... how the hell does he put a card in a cops boot? Did you ever see that one?
How is that freakin' possible???
I will definately stop by to see this one...
Illusionist David Blaine unveils latest stunt
Fri Nov 17, 3:04 PM ET
NEW YORK (AFP) - US magician
will try to escape from shackles after spending two days in a spinning gyroscope suspended above New York next week, the illusionist said Friday, unveiling his latest stunt.

On Tuesday, Blaine will be locked spread eagle into the gyroscope, which will then be hoisted 15 metres (50 feet) into the air and spun at up to eight revolutions a minute until Thursday, when he will try to escape.
To avoid any problematic calls of nature, the 33-year-old will not eat or drink for as long as it takes to empty his system.
Earlier this year, Blaine spent a week in a water-filled sphere in an abortive challenge that was supposed to culminate with him holding his breath for a record nine minutes.
He was pulled from the globe after seven minutes when he appeared to struggle while removing chains around his hands and feet.
He said Friday the experience had shaken his confidence.
"Slightly. One hundred percent slightly," he joked.


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