Saturday, November 18, 2006

Employers start enforcing... Illegals and supporters start walking...

;) to Ed, NY PAICE:
The reason legal American workers stopped doing jobs like this, and others, is that big business busted the Unions, took away benefits and the pay for such a job has dropped some 25% over the last twenty years or so... that is what I heard on Lou Dobbs last night.
Will big business and special interests wake up and see that they are destroying America, tearing our country apart with their selfish greed, before it's too late?
I doubt it.
Smithfield workers walk off job in N.C.
The walkout by hundreds at the facility comes after the pork processor fired several workers.

November 17, 2006
The uneasy relationship between Smithfield Foods Inc. and its Hispanic workers has escalated again on Thursday as hundreds of employees walked out, bringing the world's largest hog slaughter plant to a halt.
The walkout follows Smithfield's recent firing of Hispanic workers who couldn't provide valid Social Security numbers at the Tar Heel plant in North Carolina.
Smithfield has about 5,500 workers there and has been fighting off a union drive for a decade. The company says it fired 75 employees in Tar Heel when their Social Security numbers couldn't be verified. In January, immigration officials arrested 13 illegal immigrants working at Smithfield Foods' packing plants in Smithfield. The walkout will ratchet up a quandary Smithfield is facing.
Chief executive C. Larry Pope has said he supports a guest worker program because Hispanic workers do meatpacking jobs Americans often won't do. About half of the employees at Tar Heel are Hispanic...


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