Thursday, November 16, 2006

AnonYmouse says: The American Constitution IS NO SUICIDE PACT!! And set a link to EXPOSED: The Extremist Agenda

another contribution from a good reader - AnonYmouse!!
If anyone missed Glenn Beck's show on the Islamofascist freakout called "EXPOSED". . . here is a link to watch it online:
AnonYmouse wrote:
In a world of disinformation, reckless tolerance towards the intolerant, political correctness and censoring, I am so glad that there are still people who will speak out and are not afraid to stand by their believes and values.
Telling it like it is may not leave us as comfortable as those nodding their heads and closing their eyes. This is why I admire the fearless and despise liberal wishy-washy opportunists.
It's time to take the PC blinkers off and act like we understand who we are and what we stand for.
The American Constitution is NO SUICIDE PACT.
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