Thursday, November 30, 2006

Like a cancerous, poisionous, putrid mold... in every corner of the globe... hey, that kinda rhymes...

A Belated Acknowledgement on Somalia
By Douglas Farah
Finally, rather than pretending Somalia is an unimportant side show in fighting Islamists in Africa, a senior official has actually acknowledged what is really happening.
Jendayi Frazer, the State Department's head of Africa, told reporters that al Qaeda is operating "with great comfort" in Somalia. In previous statements Frazer and others have advocated dialogue with the Islamist Council of Somali Islamic Courts and downplayed the al Qaeda presence there.
... the CSIC has effectively won. They don’t need to formally take over a non-functioning government. Public support is high for the reimposition of some sort of stability and the end to total lawlessness (shades of the Taliban in Afghanistan). Most Somalis also resent foreign intervention. The nominal government cannot exercise any real authority. And al Qaeda now has a haven in which they can operate in great comfort.
(You really should read it all here.)


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