Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How Obama Revolution Came to America

I found this post at theulstermanreport.com as a comment by reader AmericaTheBeautiful:

... an infrastructure, or a “solar system of organizations,” has been created that promises to bring socialist governance to America. These mind-control efforts have been designed to create a false reality for the American people. Pounded incessantly by propaganda tricks, false images, and denial of truth, many Americans understandably see only the contrived negative images of traditional culture, societal norms, and contrived historical “truths” that were spoon fed to them so carefully by progressives-socialists-Marxists.

 By Robert Chandler April 6, 2009

This material has been excerpted, edited and updated from one chapter of Robert Chandler’s important new book, Shadow World, published by Regnery...
S. Steven Powell wrote in his 1987 book, Covert Cadre, that the revolutionary activity advocated by Marxist Antonio Gramsci involved the need to “infiltrate autonomous institutions—schools, media, churches, public-interest groups—so as radically to transform the culture, which determines the environment in which political and economic policies are played out.”

... his formula was based on an ideological struggle that would transform a whole range of activities in civil society, including Judeo-Christian values, the family, schools, unions, and politics and popular trust in the existing government. 
There are ten easy steps toward a progressive-socialist-Marxist civil society: change the popular consensus; destroy Christianity, the traditional family, and existing social mores; transform the culture; install a radical Left mind-control; attain political power; impose strict control of the military and law enforcement; restrict freedom; socialize the economy; erase American sovereignty; and embrace a world without borders...



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