Monday, October 03, 2011

Foolish Leftists Court Muslims To Increase Electoral Power

... Unaware That It Is They Who Are Being Used

"One of the leaders of the Caucasian Jihad said: "Many are afraid of us. Many just do not want problems. They will pay us, and when we awaken and get stronger, and when Allah calls us to the last battle, we will stuff their dollars down their throats. We even do not need weapons to win this war."

He continued: "They think that we are used by them. In fact, no one can use the Mujahedeen, because Allah enlighten our minds and directs the path of Jihad."

Left-wing politicians (i.e. Barack Obama) and their financiers (i.e. George Soros) throughout the world continue to play the fools game of openly or secretly establishing links with Islamic movements (i.e. Muslim Brotherhood) and groups (i.e. CAIR and ISNA here in the U.S.), showing Muslim voters their loyalty to acquire their votes in upcoming elections or in the case of international efforts, funding Islamic states and giving them weapons, allegedly to help them become "strategic partners," ignoring the fact that the loyalty of these Islamic countries is in direct proportion to the number of American taxpayer dollars they receive ... and that the efforts of these "strategic partners" are only token to keep the dollars flowing as they buy time for Islamists to grow stronger.

Using the Government of Georgia, as an example, Joseph Zaalishvili discusses how this Caucasian country became very loyal to Iran, Turkey and the Caucasus Jihad, and how U.S. leftists, under the guise of human rights, are repeating the same mistakes, ignoring the fact most Muslims always for the left in elections anyway ... knowing Islamism has a better chance of advancing its cause under naive leftists.

Take the time to read Zaalishvili's short piece, here, then make an effort to advise your foolish leftist friends of the fools' game their politicians and financiers have been playing. They won't listen (they're too stuck on stupid), but it'll be fun trying.


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