Monday, September 12, 2011

Missouri: Muslim bus passenger kills fellow passenger

Knox Co. Man Fatally Shot In Missouri, Police Say

Mohammad decides to kill white fellow bus passenger, Justin--for nothing.

A man who listed Mount Vernon as his home address was shot and killed Thursday night by a fellow bus passenger when the vehicle stopped in Springfield, Mo., so occupants could stretch their legs.
The victim was identified as Justin M. Hall, 32.
Witnesses identified the suspect as Mohamed Dawod, 25, of Glendale, Ariz.
No one on the bus observed any conversation between the two as the bus went from Amarillo, Texas en route to St. Louis, Mo.
But during the rest stop in Springfield, witnesses observed the two briefly exchanging words.
Dawod reportedly called Hall "punk" and then shot him in the head at close range.
He attempted to fire a second shot, but the gun jammed and bystanders tackled him before he could shoot again, authorities said.
Hall was taken to a hospital but had no pulse and never recovered consciousness, according to police.
Dawod was being held in the Greene County, Mo., jail pending formal filing of charges.
The bus and passengers were held at the scene while police investigated before resuming the remainder of the trip.
The purpose of Hall's trip was not immediately known.


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