Friday, February 25, 2011

Our upside-down world

Muslim plots to mass-murder non-Muslims, mainstream media focuses on "backlash" fears against Muslim community
As Jihad Watch aptly points out, here we go again: a Muslim attempts to mass-murder non-Muslims, and the liberal mainstream media paints Muslims as the victims with cries of "Muslim backlash" (and parrots Muslim talking points in the process).

Re: Obama praises Algeria for lifting state of emergency that was put in place to prevent Islamic rule
As Robert Spencer points out ... in every case, Barack Obama acts in a way that will support the establishment or preservation of an Islamic state. It seems unlikely that he keeps doing this by accident. The question of whether or not he is a secret Muslim aside, he always behaves in ways that tend toward encouraging and enabling the forces of political Islam.
Surely all of this can't be by accident.


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