Saturday, August 21, 2010

Call me an Islamaphobe. Please. Seriously.

One reader, Amil Imani, comments: Wherever Sharia law rules, injustice prevails... It is indeed blind to justice.

Part of the genius of Islam is the totality of Sharia, which includes a concept of war that attacks the host civilization at every aspect of its being. In modern times, the military power of Islam is weak, but this is more than compensated by its ability to attack along legal and cultural lines under the guise of being a religion.

Civilizational War
August 19, 2010
By Bill Warner, Director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam.

The Civilization of Islam
One of the clearest lessons about Islam is found in the Sharia. The largest part of the Sharia is devoted to regulating the life of Muslims down to the smallest detail. There is no aspect of life that is not regulated -- sex, food, art, business, education, prayer, manners, speech, and how to think and not to think. There is no aspect of life that is outside the power of Sharia -- religion, politics, ethics, and culture are included. The Sharia is the operating manual for a complete civilization. Islam is complete within itself and needs nothing from the outside.
The Sharia has one other quality that is as important as the totality of its scope. The civilization of Sharia is not just different from our civilization -- it contradicts our civilization.
Inside Islam, justice, religion, politics, law, human rights, and compassion do not mean what they mean to us. All of these ideas are based on the principles of submission and duality as found in the Sharia.
Our Civilization
Our civilization is based on the principles of the Golden Rule and critical thought. We do not always fulfill the principles, but they are the ideals we strive for, and they can be used for debate and self-criticism to correct and improve our culture.
Our principles lead to the ideals of critical thought, self-criticism, equality of all peoples before the law, freedom of thought and ideas, freedom of religion, public debate, separation of church and state, liberal democracy, and a free-ranging humor...



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