Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Obama Takeover Checklist

The Obama Takeover Checklist...
by DefendUSx
March 22, 2010 13:24

From Blogsphere: I'll add one to this list though, the "land industry"! Remember that 10 Million acres from Montana to Arizona they have their eye on for "protecting wild-life", yet it just so happens to have most of America's native Oil reserves in those basins.
O.K. Lets see...So far since Obama has taken office he has nationalized:The Banking Industry The Mortgage IndustryThe Auto IndustryThe Student Loan IndustryThe Health Insurance IndustryWhat's next?The Energy IndustryThe Food IndustryEtc Etc..Do you see a pattern developing here people?
The NEXT THING he will do is grant AMNESTY to 30 million illegal aliens!
Then guess who will be voting for him in the next election?
You got it.. the 30 million illegals he just bribed..


Anonymous dustin said...

oh you people and your immense yet completely irrational fear. when bush was in office you all thought it was the best eight years this country has ever seen and anybody that said different was unpatriotic and was told to get the hell out of the country if he or she didn't like the way it was being run. now it's like the apocalypse is upon us, why don't you guys just start your own country in texas and you can control who comes in and out and you will never have to worry about "communists" trying to help those who don't have the means to help themselves.

5:34 PM  

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