Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do I miss Bush?

For all of his flaws, yes. I believe he was a man who cared deeply for his nation, while his successor cares more about fundamentally changing this nation than protecting it.

ONE YEAR GONE: Hope and Change – Miss Bush Yet?
by Pam Meister
Jan 20th 2010

One of the things I think most about is national security. Oh sure, my posts here at Big Hollywood are usually snarky takes on the idiocy we witness daily from clueless Hollywoodites like James Cameron, but national security issues feature prominently in many of my writings elsewhere. I also belong to a group in New York City, whose members gather monthly to hear experts speak about the various threats we face, especially from Islamic jihad.
American Nick Berg, just before his beheading by jihadists in 2004
Yes, jihad. That’s what it is. Not “the war on terror,” not an “overseas contingency operation.” Jihad. Say it. It’s not that hard. I often wonder how the experts whose lectures I hear sleep at night, knowing what they know about an ideology whose adherents want to kill us all.
And I often wonder how serious President Barack Obama is about keeping Americans safe. Considering the results of his first year in office, I’m definitely not encouraged...


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