Sunday, October 11, 2009

barack HUSSEIN obama: A Portrait Of A Loser

As you know from the previous two posts, anywhere you have a domestic enemy of the Constitution, you have a loser. The Constitution calls for integrity and its enemies, all losers, have none. They will do anything to subvert our Constitutional government and the Constitutional process. Together, they are engaged in racketeering and Speaker of the House Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and people in congress such as Frank, Rangel, Schumer, and others are both domestic enemies and racketeers.
But let’s sketch out a portrait of a big-time loser, Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro.
Here is a man without any integrity, a sociopath who has, by lying, cheating and deceit, stolen his way into the White House. He is, by definition a loser because the presidency of these United States is not something he could have won honestly.
He is a communist, an admirer of Saul Alinsky (a teacher of communist subversion), who spent many years associating with communists such as Van Jones and Bill Ayers. Being complicit in the conspiracy to get him elected, this was necessarily hidden or at least played down by loser, mainlie media. For more about this, do a search on Obama communist friends.
He had a strong relationship with domestic enemy and terrorist Bill Ayers, a relationship the extent of which he lied about. It has recently been revealed that Obama lacked any significant writing skill and that his Dreams from My Father parallels the writing style of friend, Bill Ayers. For more about this, do a search on Dreams from My Father Bill Ayers.
He spent ten years in a racist, black church that preached ‘liberation theology’ which is nothing more than Marxism then lied saying he never heard the kind of white hatred espoused there when he attended. Common knowledge, but search it.
He insists he was born in Hawaii, but refuses to release any records other than a Certificate of Live Birth which proves nothing and is in itself, a computer generated forgery. He lied promising transparency but has now spent nearly two million dollars on lawyers to block all legal efforts to access his records and to keep his past hidden. Since “assuming” the presidency, he has also created executive orders to hide his records and employed the Department of Justice to run cover for him, a misuse of its purpose and a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice, as well. All searchable.
He never registered for the draft. Knowing he could not hold a job in the federal government having never registered, he had a false registration created at a later date. For more about this, do a search on obama forged draft registration.
And it goes on and on, with dirty money, lies about political opinions, policy stances, and religious beliefs, aliases, multiple social security numbers, claiming to be a qualified, natural born citizen when he can not be since his father was a foreign national, as was his step father. Using the SWAG factor, it is also reasonably certain that if his records are ever released, they will show that Obama/Soetoro attended schools in the US registered as a foreign student, probably an Indonesian.
There are people who know all of this, so the extent of the criminal conspiracy surrounding Obama/Soetoro is staggering. But if you disagree with him you are called a ‘racist,’ which is a non sequitor (illogical), ad hominem (personal, prejudical, and illogical) and dishonest.
I could go on with his winning elections by forcing opponents out of the race, real estate deals with convicted felons, etc. but you get the point.
If he was honest, didn’t lie, didn’t cheat, didn’t threaten, wasn’t involved in a criminal conspiracy with the DNC, Nancy Pelosi, and their loser media, he could not have been elected. He is a loser who could not win except for blatant dishonesty on his part and on the part of his supporters.
Winners win fairly and on merit. Losers, such as Obama/Soetoro cannot.


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