Saturday, October 03, 2009

“American Police Force” is a scam of epic proportions.

APF Spokeswoman Breaks Down During Press Conference
A sobbing spokeswoman for the secretive company occupying the Hardin jail welcomed an investigation by Montana’s attorney general Friday and expressed concerns for her own safety amid rumors about her company.
Felix Barbour
Friday, October 2, 2009
When the scene started to unfold in Hardin, Montana, my first reaction could best be described as an overwhelming feeling of despair. The thought that our worst fears were coming true so soon literally sent chills down my spine. Talk of foreign troops on American soil and secret, empty detention centers appeared to be taking shape before our very eyes. Scary stuff indeed.
But as the hours and days unfolded and more light was shined upon this story, it became less of a looming threat and more like an engrossing tabloid scandal...



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