Thursday, July 23, 2009

But why would HUSSEIN Obama do that?

Because fuck you, that's why.
Obama bullies CBO chief the Chicago Way
This is a story that was broken by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air and has now hit the MSM - without crediting Morrissey or Hot Air which is typical behavior for the lazy reporters at most news outlets.
After CBO chief Doug Elmendorf told Congress that passing Obamacare would add substantially to the federal deficit over the next ten years - unwelcome news for Obama who has watched Dems in Congress begin to get cold feet over his health care reform - the president "invited" (ordered?) Elmendorf to a meeting at the White House.
Understand that the Congressional Budget Office is answerable to Congress, not the White House. But this didn't seem to matter to our Chicago Machine president who apparently had some words with the CBO chief about playing ball and not rocking the boat...


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