Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ralph Peters on Obama & Iran - w/incredible photos

Of course, a president who feels that one religion's as easy to disbelieve in as another can't fathom the depths of faith in a Muslim fanatic any more than he can grasp the benign devotion of an American Roman Catholic, Baptist or Jew.
Ahmadinejad believes that his faith alone will rule after the any-day-now apocalypse. Obama believes in . . . Obama.
- Ralph Peters


Our president's public flagellation of America only emboldened the junta in Tehran -- leaving Iran's power brokers more defiant, determined and dismissive than they've been in years.
And the strongest response Obama can muster to the blood in Tehran's streets is: "I am deeply troubled by the violence that I've been seeing on television." How bold, how manly, how inspiring . . .
Our president's speechwriters made the same mistake no end of diplomats and pundits made before them: They didn't pause to consider the enemy's viewpoint. Like Obama himself, they didn't bother trying to understand the mullahs' logic for acting as they do....


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