Friday, June 12, 2009

“Malicious Intelligence.” Remember that term

“I have every reason to believe, based on what I’ve seen at my level of [security] clearance especially over the last several years, that Israel will soon be completely on their own… or worse.” When asked what could be worse than losing the support of the United States, he stated:
when our administration provides more support to Arab countries [with] financial and military aid, undercutting Israel’s defense efforts all while pushing Israel to succumb to the pressure of unreasonable demands designed to end with their political annihilation as a nation.”
“When an intelligence work product that has been thoroughly and properly vetted is submitted to those in Washington, and I see a completely different and entirely inaccurate product intentionally submitted and aired in the media, only to be told ‘that is the way it must be,’ then I know it’s time for me to leave.”
U.S. Intelligence Official about Israel: “This is just the beginning”
U.S. Intelligence official “breaks silence” on Israel situation”
8 June 2009: Clearly, the accuracy of our high-level intelligence sources is unquestionable. The U.S. abandonment - “and worse” - of Israel was laid out in our article last December. We believe that it is important enough to report that article in its entirety...


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