Tuesday, June 02, 2009


By Sean Osborne, Associate Director
31 MAY 2009: Good morning America and welcome to your dismal slavish future within the Global Oligarchy. The surrender of the financial sovereignty of the United States of America is now an established fact and occurred on 2 April 2009. That was the day President Barack Hussein Obama surrendered our financial sovereignty to the Globalist G-20 and the European Union.The unprecedented success of the American experiment in capitalist free enterprise was summarily surrendered to the new Global Oligarchy of world socialist elites, a newly emergent form of global government which is unquestionably led by the European Union. The worst part about it is that this surrender will be paid for by every living American taxpayer, their children and their children’s children for several generations to come - should the nation by some unforeseen miracle last that long. For this we have to thank our elected representatives who allowed it to happen, and ourselves for not keeping an eye on the career politicians who gave away our God-given birthrights.
The traditional American profit motive of our free market economy had been utilized for well over twenty decades by American entrepreneurs to grow prosperous companies into corporations from small town ‘Mom and Pop Shops’ was replaced in a single day by the Global Oligarchy’s consortium of elite bankers known as the Financial Stability Board (FSB) led by an Italian banker named Mario Draghi. The FSB is the vehicle by which the Global Oligarchy will fashion their global superstate. Whatever became of American Constitutional law I cannot say, but I suspect it was unceremoniously buried alive on foreign soil by an sitting American president who still cannot prove he has not usurped the office of chief executive.
You don’t have to take my word for it, simply read any interview or recent book or article written by the “Great One” Mark R. Levin (Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” is an instant classic), FoxNews financial expert Stuart Varney or political advisor Dick Morris. In fact, I urge you to seek them out to learn why Lady Liberty is weeping so uncontrollably these days.


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