Thursday, June 11, 2009

California Reamin'... continues
California Is Dying—And It’s The Canary In America’s Immigration Coal Mine
Posted on: 2009-06-10
But then, of course, our helpful Federal government is bowing to strong business pressure and allowing over 100,000 legal aliens a month to come here to the US on various brands of work visas. How many to California? Well here’s a bit of basic demography.Since the 1965 changes in our immigration laws, we have added huge numbers of immigrants and their children to our national population. In 1970 California’s population was about 20 million. Today, that population is estimated at about 37 million. Of those, the Center for Immigration Studies estimates about 10 million are legal (7 million) and illegal (3 million) immigrants. 35% of all Californians are persons of Hispanic origin, principally Mexicans. Over 8 million Californians were born outside the USA. Read more


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