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Witness the Shit Storm that IS the Obama "Presidency" (Part 1)

Not ready for that 3 AM call
Our "whining, self-pitying president" is apparently upset over the fact that by the time something reaches his desk, "that means it's really hard because if it were easy, somebody else would have made the decision and somebody else would have solved it." The NYT scrubbed from its article the worst of the president's comments, the ones that revealed him in that self-pitying light, however the Today show had the tapes,
and played them this morning
Is Obama's Agenda Really the United Nations' Agenda?
Nathan Tabor, author and expert on the United Nations, explains how Obama's agenda has been around a long time... much of it comes directly from the United Nations. Can our nation's sovereignty endure another 46 months of the Kenyan?
Alan Keyes on Barack Hussein Obama and his radical communist plans for our country (Video)
Alan Keyes articulates the real truth behind Barack Hussein Obama and his radical communist plans for our country (HT - Free Republic).
How it is that a majority of Americans actually still support this guy is unfathomable.
Krauthammer: 'Deception at Core of Obama Plans'
As Charles Krauthammer puts it, few presidents undertake the kind of brazen deception at the heart of Obama's radically transformative economic plan, a rhetorical sleight of hand so smoothly offered that few have noticed. According to Krauthammer, Obama's deceptions are clever politics indeed, but are intellectually dishonest to the core
Who's Obama Talking To on that Blackberry?
Everyone knows that Obama refused to relinquish his Blackberry, preferring to use it as a means of communication over more traditional measures used by past Presidents. In and of itself, that sounds harmless... but what about ALL of a President's written communications being archived. Are they doing that with this device?
100+ Military Personnel Ask Obama for His Bona Fides
Dr. Orly Taitz gives ECR an update on the suits against Obama, all with one purpose - to find out if he is legitimately Commander in Chief. Every suit so far has been tossed out of court without hearing the evidence, on the basis of standing. Do military personnel have the right to ask "by what authority?" Dr. Orly says they do.To watch this video turn down the volume on the blue player to your right. Hint - if you lower the volume and don't hit pause, it will remember the lower setting when you refresh/return.
If it doesn't start, hit REPLAY. Thanks.
New Video of Fannie Mae CEO Explains "Family" Relationship Between Crooks and the Congressional Black Caucus
Obama has been the beneficiary of a carefully engineered financial crisis. OK, maybe you aren't ready to believe that... so check out this video of newly released footage from Fannie Mae CEO Daniel Mudd explaining how the Congressional Black Caucus, Obama, and the Democrat party were like "family" to Fannie Mae and the crooked execs running it.
GOP Senators Blast Obama Intel Pick
There are reports that some GOP senators are going to take a stand against Obama's appointment of anti-Israel Chas Freeman for the post of Director of National Intelligence, a key post that acts as a filter for intelligence coming into the Oval Office:
Warren Buffett blasts Obama's handling of economy, crisis mentality
Buffet having second thoughts? Apparently yes! Via Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air: Warren Buffet is obviously having second thoughts about the man he supported during the election:
So Is he or isn't he and what about that travel?
Topics: Political News and commentariesWhile I've little interest in getting in the middle of the Obama birth issue, Paul Hollrah over at FSM did so yesterday and believes the issue can be resolved by Obama answering one simple question: What passport did he use when he was shuttling between New York, Jakarta, and Karachi?
Herald Tribune and NYT confirm: 'Operation Rushbo ''explicitly authorized'' by White House'
The Herald Tribune and the New York Times confirm that the White House priorities are focused on character assassination so as to distract from their disastrous, ideology-based, economic policies.
Obama's needless perpetuation of a stem cell war
As Ryan T. Anderson puts it, Obama's decision is bad ethics, bad science, and bad politics.
The WaPo dissects Obama
A sure sign that the bloom is starting to come off the Obama rose is when the usually (fully in the tank for Obama) WaPo begins to dissect the difference between what Obama promised during the campaign and what we're getting and seeing after the election. Mary Katharine Ham serves up a buffet of such critiques at the WaPo today, in her piece at The Weekly Standard:
Robert Samuelson takes a solid whack at Obama in "Obama's Double Talk:"
Analysts: 'Obama's call on moderate Taliban useless'
Among the comments from the analysts, my favorite and the one I believe to be the most appropriate, is "'Moderate Taliban' is like 'moderate killer'. Is there such a thing?"::
Memo to the 95%: Guess who pays for 'cap-and-trade'
The short answer is the "95%" Obama promised no tax increases on:
Cap and trade is the tax that dare not speak its name, and Democrats are hoping in particular that no one notices who would pay for their climate ambitions.
On 'Obama's toxic brew'
Joan Swirsky's piece at Red County that offers an analogy of the incantation of the three demonic witches over their cauldron that herald the downfall of King Macbeth to "the three warlocks of the new administration - President Obama, his chief Chicago-Machine-henchman Rahm Emanuel, and his tax-cheating Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner," indeed portrays the situation we now find ourselves in.
The supposedly race-blind liberal media defines a “true American”
"Obama is the more perfect union. He is a house united. . . . [J]ust by virtue of his being, Obama is America, and the first true American to lead our nation."
— PBS commentator John Ridley, quoted in “Mania Builds for Obama,”
Stephen Webster, American Renaissance, March 2009.
Solely by the fact that he is nonwhite, purely by virtue of his inherited racial being, Obama is the first true American to be president. None of the previous presidents were true Americans, because they were white. Meaning that no white people are true Americans. Only nonwhite people are true Americans. And this was said on the Public Broadcasting Service, paid for by federal dollars. Meanwhile, even as nonwhiteness is made the definition of America, the slightest positive mention of whiteness is never heard in any mainstream news organ or any mainstream institution. To make any positive reference to white people as white people means the instant end of any mainstream career.
Don’t forget Ridley’s statement. Whenever you or other whites are called racist, for whatever supposed reason, quote Ridley, because his comment shows that the standard by which whites are called racist is a total lie. Liberalism is not about making race unimportant. Liberalism is about elevating nonwhites, particularly blacks, over whites, and about turning whites into non-persons. Liberalism is pure racism under the guise of anti-racism. What “anti-racism” really means is simply anti-whiteness.
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"How it is that a majority of Americans actually still support this guy is unfathomable."

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