Friday, August 10, 2007

NY: Activist For Illegals, An (Illegal) "Immigrant Himself"

By Lincoln Kahn
Victor Toro, who has spent the last two decades promoting the rights of illegal aliens in the Bronx, New York, was arrested on July 6th. Guess what? It turns out that Toro himself was never legally in the United States. He now faces deportation.
His shocked supporters have organized numerous rallies and fundraisers to pay attorneys’ fees and they’ve persuaded The New York Times to run a sympathetic account of his plight: Longtime Advocate for Immigrants Now Faces Deportation.
Where is Toro from and how did he get here?
In the early 1970’s Toro was one of the three founders of a Chilean political party called the MIR, or the Movement of the Revolutionary Left. Yes, Toro was an avowed Communist and fervent admirer of Fidel Castro who sought the overthrow of his country’s elected democratic government. He stood even further out on the left than Salvador Allende...


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