Friday, August 03, 2007

Fundamentalist Muslims who wish harm upon the U.S. and Israel do not consider themselves “extreme”...

... Nor do Hezbollah and Hamas believe that they are terrorists.
This is CAIR’s modus operandi: appearing to oppose terrorism, while simultaneously leading the charge against those who actually seek to thwart it.
CAIR They Go Again!
By Joel Mowbray
Friday, August 3, 2007
Just over 24 hours before a scheduled speech it hosted by commentator Robert Spencer, Young America’s Foundation found something unexpected sitting in the fax machine: A thinly veiled threat of a lawsuit if the group allowed the talk to happen as planned...
The Washington Times obtained a text of Mr. Spencer's speech, excerpts of which follow:
It is a common tactic of both the Left and the Islamic advocacy groups in America: to accuse every critic of purveying hatred and bigotry. But I am not intimidated by their threats, or troubled by their smears -- because I know I do not advocate hatred and bigotry, but a realistic appraisal of the Islamic jihad threat.


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