Friday, January 26, 2007

Cult-O'-Teacher-Haters Strikes Again... and again... and again...

Teacher killed in drive-by shooting in Pattani
The Nation
Pattani - A teacher was shot and killed by Muslim insurgents on her way to school in this southern border province Wednesday morning. Saima Mayamae, a teacher of Toh Balae School in Tambon Plonghoi of Kapho distirct, was shot at her forehead and killed inside a pick-up truck at 8:30 am.
Saima and two other teaches of the same school were being driven to school by Doma Pengla, the tambon medical officer.
Doma was injured as a bullet slightly cut his neck. The two other teachers were not injured.
Doma told police that while he was driving his truck, he noticed two men on a motorcycle caught up with his vehicle and the pillion rider pulled out his gun to shoot at him. He said he ducked and the pillion rider fired two more shots, which hit Saima.


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