Friday, September 29, 2006

Moderate + Islam = Oxy + Moron

Philly Imam Guilty of Selling Fire Arms
Party At Charlestown Home of John Rosa -
Chairman of the Town Democratic Committee
Only Illegals Invited!!
Do you remember the illegal alien from Mexico who was driving a bus
that burst into flames and killed 23 nursing home patients
evacuating Hurricane Rita last year in Houston...?
take a wild guess as to where he lives &
how he earns a living today...
*thanks to Pam of United American Commitee
Muslim Students Association... Against America
*thanks to (

94% of Iraqi's HATE Al Qaeda!
How Sharia (Islamic) Law Might Be Banned In the USA


For man, when perfected, is the best of animals.
But when separated from law and justice
he is the worst of all since armed injustice
is the more dangerous.

- Aristotle
Doin' The Texas Two-Step Step-Up
Another Heathen Infidel Free-Thinker Not Feelin' So Free Any More
Mexican Momentos
Illegals - A Gift From Mexico That Keeps On Giving


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