Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tea Party like it's 1999 - UPDATE

Hello everyone and thank you for your support of the NYC Tea Party!
This is our first email update and there will be several more leading up to April 15th and also after April 15th as we continue our NYC Tea Party movement partnership.
Many of you may have heard the exciting news that Newt Gingrich will be speaking at our very own NYC Tea Party!Parcbench is a national sponsor of the national Tea Party movement because we are fed up just like you.
Our government spending is out of hand and it is bankrupting America's future generations. As a business, we cannot sit idly and accept this reckless behavior. As Parcbench.com teams up with NYC Tea Party we would appreciate for you to show support for this partnership by checking out www.parcbench. com daily to get the latest lifestyle and pop culture news and opinion, without the liberal agenda.
With that being said, please see the details of the event below and Here are details of the event:
NYC Tax Day Tea Party:
Wednesday, April 15th at City Hall Park, 7pm-9pm. (Possible 10pm extension. Will provide update.)
Please start organizing your groups to show up in numbers! Please get the word out and make sure everyone heads to City Hall Park after work on Tax Day.
Our speakers include:
- Newt Gingrich
- Andrew Wilkow of Sirius Radio
- KT McFarland, Security Adviser in the Reagan Administration and regular Fox News contributor
- Michael Johns, former Presidential Speechwriter and more
- S. E. Cupp, author and regular Fox News contributor
- Brett Joshpe, author and attorney
and more!
All press inquiries should be sent to PR@parcbench. com
All personal emails should be sent to nycteaparty@ gmail.com.
Thanks everyone. And remember, this is New. York. City. Not DC, not Atlanta, not St. Louis or any other city that has been throwing large Tea Parties.
With over 400 other Tea Parties on April 15th let's show the country that NO ONE does it like New York.
Bring as many people as you can, make banners, call your local media to cover it, write about it on blogs and let's prep for a blowout protest.
We demand fiscal responsibility, the cutting of pork out of congressional bills and the repealing of taxes and "fees."
More updates coming soon and thanks again everyone for your support. It's time NYC had a voice for fiscal responsibility and we intend to give it one!
Thank you,
Kellen Giuda
PresidentParcbench Media
www.parcbench. com


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